Amazing Tools To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

Today if we talk about social media, the first thing that comes to our mind is Instagram. Earlier, Facebook and Twitter ruled the Social media market with their huge user base, but now Instagram is the new king.

As Instagram recently provided great features, several users started using it. This gave marketers to promote their products here as Instagram is providing amazing features for promotions and ads too.

You can now add an Instagram Widget in order to visualize your Instagram presence over your website.

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Tools to Embed Instagram Widget on Website.

1. Taggbox Widget

The best if we’re discussing here, that’s Taggbox Widget for no doubt. Taggbox not only just let you individual Instagram post, but you can also create an attractive Instagram widget based on hashtags, handles, places, or mentions according to your preference.

With Taggbox, you can get access to so many customization options, so you should check this out.

2. LightWidget

LightWidget is also a good tool to embed an Instagram widget on the website. You can add LightWidget on WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, or any HTML website.

You’ll get pretty good features like hover effects, captions, padding, square crops, and hashtag filtering. You can adjust the appearance at desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Another useful tool in the list is WPZOOM. You can use it on any HTML based website and can set Title, no. of images per row and image size.

The only limitation of WPZOOM is that many users complaint that they are incapable of setting the number of rows and images per row even after setting it in its settings.

4. ProPhoto

ProPhoto isn’t as good as other tools in this list, but it still worth the mention. You can choose from different preset layouts an also image size.

It provides you a nice way to add an Instagram widget to your website but with not many customization options than other tools like Taggbox.

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Benefits of using Instagram Widget-

Embedding Instagram Widgets on the website helps you in expanding your consumer base as your Instagram is connected to your website and supplies you some more visitors.

It will give your website a very pleasant and nice look and also provide views into your product, which gives visitors an idea of your social presence.

It saves considerable time and effort of marketers in searching and implementing content from several sources of their social media platforms.

It helps in building Customers’ trust as they can see reliable and straight through posts from various people’s handles from Instagram on your webpage.

As postings are going on frequently on Instagram, thus it shows updated and new content to be shown on the website.

You can also add shoppable features from Instagram on the website so that visitors can shop and buy their desired things directly from the Instagram widget.


So, here are different ways to embed an Instagram widget on the website, examine them all, and get the best for you and your business to grow more.

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