Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress Website

Started in 2004, Facebook has become the most popular social media platform worldwide with the largest number of users compared to other social networks. Moreover, with more than 2.5 billion social media users, it has become the largest community with diverse demographics.

Now Facebook is limited to social sharing and networking, but it has also become the prominent channel for marketers to grow their business. 

By promoting brands and products, Facebook is proving to increase sales and revenue for the growing competitive edge. 

As a marketer, you must make the most out of the resources to achieve higher success and profits for the business. 

A trending and effective way to use Facebook for marketing purposes in the recent competitive era is to embed Facebook feed on your wordpress website. 

Do you want to know how to embed these powerful Facebook posts on your website? If yes, then continue reading this blog to easily and step-by-step add Facebook feed on your website. 

Heads Up: You require a social media aggregator to collect, curate, and embed Facebook feed on your wordpress website. There are so many social media aggregators available on the internet, but here we will talk about embedding Facebook feeds with Taggbox Widget on your wordpress website. As a brief introduction, Taggbox Widget is one of the popular and brand-trusted social media aggregators with an intelligible interface that allows anyone to easily curate, customize, and embed Facebook Feeds on WordPress website. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress Website In 5 Steps

Step1: Create Your Account On Taggbox Widget

  • Create your free account with the Taggbox Widget. Start with a 14-day free trial. 
  • Login with your company or personal email, enter all the required details. 
  • Once you are done with these mandatory details, you will direct them to your Taggbox Widget dashboard. 

Step2: Create Facebook Feed

  • Now you are on board with Taggbox Widget. Go to the My Widgets section on the screen and create your widget. 
  • Open the widget, and a screen will pop up with the multiple social media sources on your website. 
  • Select Facebook as the source to create social media feeds on Taggbox Widget. 
  • Next, you have to enter the connection from which you want to collect Facebook posts for your widget, like mentions, URL, profile, album, Page, etc. Type the connect and click on the Create Feed button. 
  • Now the next screen will appear that asks you to connect with the Facebook account. Enter the right credentials of your Facebook account from where you want to collect the Facebook Feeds. 

Step3: Customize & Moderate Facebook Feed

  • As you connect with your Facebook account, Taggbox Widget will automatically fetch all the Facebook posts related to your created connection type. 
  • You will get all the Facebook posts on your screen. Suppose you want to make your Facebook Feed more attractive, interesting, and engaging for your website visitors or customers, than with the customization option. In that case, you can enhance the look and feel of your collected Facebook Feeds. 
  • Taggbox Widget provides you with several alluring themes, background styles, layout designs, customized colors, fonts, size, etc.
  • You can also add banners to your curated Facebook feed. 
  • Moreover, if you find any image or post that you don’t like to add to your Facebook feed, then with the moderation feature at Taggbox Widget, you can easily deselect the post/s. 

Step4: Generate Embed Code For WordPress Website

  • Now you are ready with your Facebook Widget with full customization and moderation, it’s time to generate the embed code for your wordpress website. 
  • For this, click on the Embed button, you can find it on the bottom left corner, click on the button, and a screen will pop up with the various CMS platform options.
  • From here, select WordPress as the website building platform. It will take you to the next screen, which will contain the Facebook feed embed code to place on the WordPress website. 

Step5: Paste Embed Code In Your Website

  • After generating the Facebook Feed, you will come to the last step of embedding the Facebook Feed on your wordpress website with a Taggbox widget. 
  • Copy the embed code you generated before. 
  • Now open your wordpress website backend and place the copied code on the website. 
  • Make sure that you paste the embed code at the right place to display the Facebook feeds. 
  • Last, save the changes you made, and congratulations, you are done with creating these powerful and eye-catching Facebook feeds for your wordpress website. 

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Wrap Up!

Tada! In just 5 simple steps, you will be able to collect, curate, customize Facebook feeds for your website. So what are you waiting for? Start embedding your Facebook Feeds and drive enormous traffic on your wordpress website. 

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