Top Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Feed On Website

Facebook is one of the oldest and the most highly used and popular social media platforms that offers multiple opportunities to people and businesses to promote their products due to its large number of users. 

Over the years, and as there was a shift in marketing strategies, businesses started adopting various strategies to see a jump in user engagement and revenues.

Embedding Facebook feed on the website came up as a perfect idea to achieve the desired results. This technique slowly became successful and made a place for itself amongst marketers. 

Even though embedding a Facebook feed on a website has multiple added advantages, in this blog, we shall be telling you about the top benefits of embedding a Facebook feed on your website to gain maximum benefits. 

What Is A Facebook Feed?

A Facebook feed refers to the content that a Facebook user generates. It can be in the form of photos, videos, gifs, etc. 

The Facebook feed is in reverse chronological order meaning the new feeds are displayed on the top, followed by the older feeds. 

Since the Facebook feed is mostly User-Generated content, i.e., created by your customers, utilizing this content is an excellent way to drive traffic and conversions to your website. 

Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Feed On Website

#1 Makes The Website Attractive 

A website is the main marketing touchpoint for any brand and business as it gives a representation of what the brand stands for. In short, a website is the face of the brand, and hence it is crucial to give an attractive first impression to the visitors. 

A Facebook Widget is a mix of eye-catchy content. Hence it gives an overall vibrant look to the website leading to curiosity in your visitors. As a result, they may feel the need to explore the website more, increasing their dwell time on your website. 

 #2 Build Social Proof With UGC 

When your customers generate content on Facebook using your branded hashtags or by mentioning your brand, they help you build a social proof of your brand since it is created by the user and is not at all sponsored content. 

Suppose a customer likes your product and posts positive comments or creates posts by clicking pictures while using the product. In that case, they generate social proof of your brand, and that when embedded into the website, can do wonders for your brand! 

#3 Helps In Building Trust 

Without instilling trust within your potential customers, you cannot increase your sales. A customer will buy your product once they find a reason big enough to trust your brand, and here comes the importance of social proof. 

When you generate and embed social proof of your brand, your potential customers will be more likely to put their trust in your brand. As mentioned above, since your brand users create the content, your potential customers will find the content authentic and genuine. Moreover, a customer always tends to another customer much more than the branded content! 

#4 Builds A Customer- Brand Relationship

By displaying your user’s content on your website, they feel delighted and valued. Moreover, it encourages them to purchase more products from your brand. Additionally, your potential customers also start noticing your brand as customer-friendly. 

It encourages other customers to leave behind their feedback, leading to increased customer loyalty and improved customer-brand relationships. 

#5 Boosts Engagement

Since Facebook is a vast ocean of User-Generated content, it gives people a reason to explore real, different, and relatable content. 

Every customer and every post will be unique and engaging in its way, and your customers would love to read about what other customers have experienced with your brand and about the products that worked well for them. 

It will give your website visitors a reason to explore your website more and go through more content leading to a boost in the overall engagement on the website. 

#6 Increased Conversions And Sales 

When there is more engagement on your website and your potential customers start trusting you and seeing you in a different light, it gives rise to a better brand-user relationship, and your customers will feel the need to purchase your products from your website that would further increase your brand conversions and sales. 

Summing It Up

Here were a few key benefits of embedding your Facebook feed on your website, and by now, you must be wondering about how you embed. 

There are various social media aggregator platforms, and by using them, you can seamlessly collect, curate, and embed your Facebook feed on your website. Embedding a feed on your website is not a tough task and can be done easily without technical expertise. 

If you are a brand and have not yet considered embedding your Facebook feed on your website, it is high time you do so at the earliest or miss out on the mentioned benefits! 

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