How To Embed Flickr Album On The Website?

Created in 2004, Flickr is one of the most famous American video and photo hosting online communities. 

It is used popularly by budding and professional photographers to showcase their skills. With over 112 million users, Flickr is loved by people because of its visuals. 

What makes it different from other photo-sharing platforms like Instagram and Facebook is its strictly professional nature and the high-resolution quality of the content.

You wish to bring these professionals and high-quality Flickr albums to your website?

Here is how you can embed Flickr album on your website using Taggbox Widget.

Steps to Embed Flickr Album on Websites

Step 1: Login or Signup to your Taggbox Widget account (Taggbox provides a 14-day free trial)

  • You will reach the dashboard after logging in.

Step 2: Click on Add Social Feeds option to embed Flickr gallery to your widget.

Step 3: A pop-up will appear with the title “choose source”

  • Click on Flickr as the source of your album.

Step 4: Another pop-up will appear with the title “create Flickr feed”

  • Enter Flickr album URL to fetch your album from Flickr and click on the create feed button

The Taggbox widget tool will automatically fetch the album into a feed. In addition, there are many customizations and moderation features that you can use as per your preference. 

Once you have organized the album, you will automatically be redirected to the wall editor dashboard on your account.

Step 5: Click on the “Publish” button at the bottom left corner. 

  • A pop-up will appear with the title “choose your platform.”

Step 6: Choose the option suitable for you from the given websites like WordPress, HTML, Wix, Shopify, etc

Let’s choose HTML as an example.

Step 7: A pop-up will appear to adjust the width and height of the Flickr album

Step 8: Click on “Get Code” to generate the code. 

  • Copy the code and paste it into the HTML of your website

After pasting the generated code, you have activated it too. 

Congratulations! You have successfully embedded the Flickr gallery on your website.

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Why Taggbox Widget?

Taggbox Widget is your one-stop platform for all your embedding solutions. They provide you with so many widgets for your website to curate content from 15+ social media platforms and display it on your website. 

They provide social feeds widgets, hashtag feeds, user review widgets, UGC, visual galleries, and social stories. To build social proof and trust among your target audience, increase user engagement for your website, create a social presence with more followers and increase your dwell time.

Collect, curate and embed are the three simple steps provided by the Taggbox widget. They also provide you with analytics to do a background check for your widgets to see how many people are responding to them and whether people are engaging with them or not.

With the 14-day free trial offered by Taggbox Widget, you are ready to enhance like never before!

Why Embed Flickr Album On Your Website?

  • Grow your brand’s social following with the visual appeal Flickr has to offer; when the visitors will come across the album and see the talent you have to offer, they will surely visit your Flickr account and follow you to see future updates;
  • Grow your website’s dwell time and engage users with the high-resolution content from Flickr, all this is a part of visual marketing;
  • Build brand trust by embedding high-quality user-generated content from Flickr, as it is human nature to get influenced by real-life experiences of their peers, even if they haven’t met each other;
  • Increase your sales opportunities with Flickr album;
  • Access the Flickr album from anywhere to re-organize it and edit it, with new updates as Taggbox Widget provides you with analytics that helps you check what works with the visitors and what does not;

Over To You

We come to the end of this blog, where you get to know how you can embed the Flickr album on your website. 

Taggbox widget provides you with different website building options like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, HTML, and much more.

Embed Flickr Album with some professional-quality, high-resolution content on your website and see how your website engagement reaches a completely different level.

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