How To Embed Google Reviews Widget On WordPress Website

When it comes to making buying-related decisions, more than 90% of users mostly rely on reviews since one customer always relates more with the experience of users than the content published by the brands. 

Hence, over the years, relying on reviews has become an important part of the shopping journey and highly influences their buying decisions. 

This makes it extremely crucial for businesses to utilize the reviews mentioned by the buyers on Google reviews. 

What Are Google Reviews?

Google reviews are a major part of the Google My Business page that enables Google users to leave their reviews or feedbacks of a brand or a product/service. 

For this, the business has to create an account on Google my business. The platform lets customers leave behind real-time reviews, suggestions, experiences, or feedback about a brand. 

Since the content is created by the users themselves, it increases the credibility of the content and can tremendously leave an impression on the potential customers who are looking for reviews before purchasing. 

Why Do Brands Need To Embed Google Reviews Widget On WordPress Website 

Now that the concept of Google reviews is clear, in this section, we shall be highlighting a few incredible benefits of embedding Google reviews on WordPress website

Increases The Dwell Time Of Customers 

After embedding Google reviews Widget on WordPress website, you instil curiosity in your website visitors by spreading information that they are looking for and would take a keen interest in. 

Apart from helping them in deciding whether to buy the product or not, such valuable and additional information would compel them to explore the website more, resulting in an increased dwell time on the website. 

Boosts Engagement And Builds Trust

Trust is the basis of a brand-user relationship, and it is extremely crucial to gain the trust of your potential customers and engage them with your brand to increase your conversions and sales. 

Since reviews depict the real-time experiences of real customers, they effectively instil faith and confidence in your customers to purchase your products and services. 

Moreover, when you embed Google reviews Widget on WordPress website, you gain the trust of your customers, and the boost in their stay time on your website results in increased engagement. 

Showcases Unique Content 

Genuine reviews are a part of User-Generated Content, and as mentioned above, your potential customers will always be more inclined towards User-Generated Content as compared to your brand’s content. 

Moreover, customers find the brand’s published content extremely promotion-specific, whereas they always look for more customer-centric content. 

Displaying user-generated content is the best way to showcase the uniqueness of your brand and its products, leading to increased faith and gradually more sales! 

2 Ways To Embed Google Reviews On WordPress Website

Since you are now clear about the benefits and reasons you should utilize Google reviews and embed them on your WordPress website, you must wonder how the content can be embedded! 

Moving on, we shall be telling you about the two best ways to embed Google reviews Widget into your website. 

  • Using Social Media aggregator tool 
  • Using WordPress plugin 

Embed Google Reviews Using Social Media Aggregator Tool

The most convenient and effective way to embed Google reviews on your WordPress site can be done by using a highly responsive social media aggregation tool. 

Using this tool, you will seamlessly be able to collect google reviews in a few steps and would be able to embed it effortlessly and easily. 

We would highly recommend you wisely select the social media aggregator tool and look for additional features like customization, moderation, and analytics. 

Such features would help you further beautify your widget and make your website more attractive and appealing. 

Integrate Google Reviews Into WordPress Website Using WordPress Plugin  

Another effective way of embedding Google reviews into a WordPress website is using a WordPress plugin

After installing the plugin on the website, all the reviews will automatically be updated and embedded. 

Since the plugin is available in both free and paid versions, you can download the free version from the WordPress directory. 

For this, all you need to do is redirect to the admin area of your site and click on Plugins > Add New. 

From the plugins screen, you need to type Google Places Reviews and click on Install. 

Next, to launch the plugin, all you need to do is enter the API key, which can be done easily by simply following the instructions mentioned on the plugin website, and you are done! 


Embedding Google Reviews on the WordPress website is the best way to display the reviews generated by your users, as it tremendously helps in improving the credibility of your website. 

Here are the two best ways to embed Google reviews on the website. You can either select a social media aggregator according to your preference and liking or simply use the WordPress plugin to do the needful!  

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