5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Social Media Hub On Your Website

Ever heard of a Social Media Wall?

Well! You must have. It is no more “The New Tool In The Market”.

Social Media feeds embedded on your website have time and again proved their worth in enhancing user engagement, conversion rates, and driving up the sales for your online business.

But still, if you cater to some doubts regarding using Social Hubs for your business website, then this article will pretty sure calm down those doubts.

Here are 5 reasons why you should embed social media feeds on your website

Come, let’s have a look.

1. Showcase User-Generated Content

Social Sells. It’s that simple. Showcasing user-generated content online on your website helps you to showcase how real customers actually feel about using your services and brands. User-generated content might be anything- images, videos, feedback, comments, testimonials or even customer reviews on any social channel.

social media hub

People trust people. Not logos. User-generated content generates social trust among people regarding your brand. Almost 92% of people prefer peer and family recommendations while making a purchase decision rather than the promotional stock photos of any brand.

2. Increase Brand Engagement

Social media feeds wall give your website a personality that attracts your website visitors and makes them stay longer on the website. Social walls are inherently captivating. This keeps them engaged. This helps you to increase the dwell time of your visitors and probably also the conversion rates.

social media feed on website

Also, displaying social media feeds on website using a social hub helps you drive your website traffic to your brand’s official social network accounts. This increases your brand’s social media presence and brand engagement on social media. This increases the touch-points between you and your customers. This also enhances your social media influence.

3. Improves Social Listening

Social listening means understanding your social image by listening and acknowledging the social discussions about your brand. Most brands fail to carry out a successful social listening by deploying a one-sided relationship with their customers. They only listen but they forget to acknowledge them.

social feeds

By using a social network wall on your website and displaying user-generated content on it, you not only listen to your customers but also acknowledge them by sharing their feedback with the world. This further improves the brand-customer relations and make your customers your preachers.

4. Enhances Sales

While making an online purchase, every customer looks for a helping hand that could help them make the final decision. Integrating a social wall on your website and displaying user-generated content on it presents a social proof to the aspiring customer. These social proofs give them the final proof and lead them to make a purchase decision. This increases both the conversion rates and online sales for your brand.

social media content on website

Previous customers’ good reviews about your products or an image of them wearing your products serve as social proof. This also enhances your brand’s authenticity and credibility. All these factors overall help you increase your online sales and make your buyers your preachers.

5. Promotes Brand Hashtag

Displaying social media content through a social wall on your website also helps you promote your brand hashtag. The social wall fetches posts from various social media platforms via hashtags. These hashtags are created by you specific to your brand.

social content

When you display your users’ content on the social wall on your official website, this encourages other users too, to post content regarding your brand using the brand hashtag. This spreads the word of mouth marketing. This also helps you to create a community around your brand. This further improves the brand-customer relations.

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