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How To Embed Instagram Feed On Webflow Websites?

Embed Instagram Feeds on Webflow websites to reach out to your audience is the latest adopted Marketing strategy by businesses to witness a visible growth in brand engagement, value, and gradually conversion rates and sales. 

Instagram is without a doubt one of the highly used social media platforms used by businesses and marketers to see relevant growth in their business. With a rapidly growing daily user base, Instagram has significantly emerged as the most highly used social media platform. 

Instagram allows you to expand your social media presence and reach and help you grow your followers tremendously. 

According to researchers, close to 5% of people take action after witnessing posts on Instagram. Be it in shopping, researching, visiting the website, or forwarding the post ahead. 

What Is Instagram Feed?

Embed Instagram feeds on Webflow websites

Instagram feed refers to the content created by users under their profile. It can be in the form of photos or videos. The feed created by the users is displayed on the feed of the followers, and they can have a look while scrolling through. 

Accordingly, the followers can hit by either clicking on the heart icon or double-tapping on the post. The followers also have the option to leave a comment on the post if they wish to. 

How To Embed Instagram Feeds On Webflow website

Add Instagram feeds on Webflow

By now, you must have understood the significance of Instagram and how this brilliant platform can be utilized to effectively increase followers and sales. 

Embedding Instagram Feeds on the website can be of great importance to your business. 

We shall discuss the benefits later on. Let’s start with the tool to easily embed Instagram feed on webflow websites. 

They are super easy to use and require no technical expertise. 

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox is the best UGC platform to embed Instagram Widget for website with just a few easy steps. 

Before embedding your content, you have the option to customize the feed in accordance with the overall look and feel of your website. Apart from adjusting the width and height of your feed, you can change the look of your feed by adding your preferred theme, layout, colors, fonts and style it as per your needs and requirements. 

With the advanced moderation panel, you can filter out any irrelevant content and does not need to be on your site. You can highlight any review if you wish to. 

Taggbox also provides you with the option to analyze the performance of your feed with insightful analytics. Using the analytics feature, you can predict your users’ behavior on the website and improve if there is any scope for improvement.

Taggbox offers User rights management, as we understand that customers might get offended if their content is used without consent. 

Start your 14 days free trial with Taggbox Widget today! 

Embed Instagram Feed On Webflow Websites Using Taggbox Widget

Embed Instagram feeds on Webflow

Follow the 5 simple steps to embed Instagram Feed on Webflow websites using Taggbox Widget:

Step 1: Create a Taggbox Widget account.

Step 2: Select Instagram as your preferred network to aggregate Instagram feeds.

Step 3: Organize your feeds using themes & layouts, customizations, moderation, Custom CSS and many more.

Step 4: Choose your website CMS and generate the embed code for your website.

Step 5: Copy the embed code and follow the below steps to embed Instagram feed on Webflow websites.

Steps to embed Instagram Feed on Webflow websites

1. Log in to the Webflow Admin account and select your project to embed Instagram Feed on webflow webpage.

2. On the left-hand side menu, click on “Add Elements,” then drag and drop the “Embed” Element on the webpage where you want to embed it.

3. A Pop-up of HTML Embed Code Editor will appear.

4. Paste the copied code in it and click on Save & Close button.

5. Finally, click on the Publish button to make the Instagram Feed Widget effective on your website.

Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feeds On Website 

By now, you must be wondering about the benefits of displaying Instagram feeds on websites

Embedding has a multitude of benefits. We have listed the most significant ones below. 

Let’s get started. 

  • Opportunity to provide social proof for your brand 
  • Increase the reach of your brand significantly
  • Display real-time and authentic User Generated Content
  • Increase the engagement of audiences and get a possibility to increase followers 
  • Get social proof and gain the trust of your audience

The Final Verdict 

We are certain that you must be aware of the significance of embedding Instagram feeds on your website by now. 

You can achieve a commendable reach by embedding your Instagram feed on your website. 

On top of this, embedding an Instagram feed on your website can give an immediate boost to your social proof and garner more attention from your potential audience and followers.

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