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How To Embed Google Reviews On Website

Google reviews are a great source of increasing the authenticity, trust, and visibility of a business on online platforms. With the launch of Google reviews, businesses can provide a platform to their customers to place their feedback and experience with their business freely. 

Google reviews are not only beneficial for customers but also leveraging many benefits to the marketers in amplifying their relation with the customers as well as boosting social proof of their business. 

Embedding Google reviews on website is not a big task; anyone can do it in less than a minute, but it requires proper knowledge of how you can embed them on your website. 

If you know how to embed Google reviews on website, it will be an amusing journey for you to gather and embed Google reviews on your website. 

Here we will guide you through what are Google reviews, how you can embed them on your website, the advantages of embedding Google reviews, and the right tool to display an aesthetically pleasing Google review widget on the website. 

Let’s get started, 

What Are Google Reviews?

Google Reviews are the general customer reviews and feedback provided on the Google My Business platform, allowing customers to share their reviews with the brand willingly. With Google reviews, customers share their experiences, opinions, and ideas related to the business with their Gmail id, profile photo, and star ratings, based on the product or service performance of the brand. 

Google review is a form of user-generated content available on Google, which makes it more authentic, reliable, and credible than any other customer review platform. 

For a business, Google reviews play a major role in increasing the success of the business on the online platform. Businesses can easily leverage Google reviews benefits through embedding them on their website. 

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Reasons Why Businesses Should Embed Google Reviews On Website

Showcasing Google reviews on the business website has numerous benefits, from increasing social proof, building trust, enhancing SEO ranking, to bringing more conversions on the website. All these benefits of explained in the below section:

Increase Business Trust

84% of customers look for online reviews and testimonials before making the purchase decision. embedding Google reviews on the website introduces your customers to the real customer’s testimonials and their experience with your business’s products and services. 

Boost Social Proof

Social proof is the psychological fact that people like to do the same thing that their peers or other people are doing. Displaying Google reviews on websites helps your website visitors to learn about what people are availing of from your business. They come to know more about your product and services, without much research, they believe in the customer reviews without any doubt. 

Enhance SEO Rankings

Google reviews improve the quality of content on your website, with informative and useful content for your customers. Google search engine algorithm gives top ranking to those business websites with useful content to the users. Thus, it leads to increased SEO ranking of your website.  

How To Embed Google Reviews On The Website?

Knowing the benefits of Google reviews, it is no surprise that every business and brand wants to utilize the power of Google reviews by integrating them on the website. 

One of the best ways to display these powerful reviews is to embed them on your website. There are several tools and techniques that you can use to embed Google reviews. One of the prominent and highly effective tools is Google Review Widget; with this tool, you can easily collect Google reviews, curate them effectively using personalization, and embed them on websites without any coding. 

You can simply search on Google for the “best Google review widget”, and you will get various options on the screen, select any and start collecting Google reviews from your customers.

However, choosing one Google review widget is a typical task from hundreds of options. Thus here below, we are briefing you about the most popular and brand-trusted Google Review Widget that you can also use for your website. 

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Taggbox Widget – The Best Google Review Widget Tool

Taggbox Widget is an industry-popular social media aggregation platform, making the process of collecting, curating, and embedding Google reviews on the website easy. 

Taggbox Widget offers an intelligible interface that can be accessible to anyone without any requirement of technical or coding expertise. 

Also, there are various themes and layout designs you can use to embed Google reviews on your website. 

Taggbox Google review widget is responsible, which means it can easily adjust on any screen and device without damaging the existing website design

Moreover, the whole process of collecting and embedding Google reviews is so easy and effective that you only need to follow a few steps, and your Google review widget will be live on your website within a minute.

Over To You… 

We are at the end of this blog, where we have learned about Google Reviews from scratch and reached a conclusion on how to collect and embed Google reviews on the website. 

So without any delay, start embedding Google reviews on your website using the Taggbox Widget tool.

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