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Best Pixlee Alternatives & Competitors – 2021

User-Generated Content is surely the best form of content marketing. It is the Content created by the users for the users, and this makes it the most authentic, genuine, and trustworthy form of Content found online. 

Brands require the validation and support of their customers as their advocacy can take the marketing efforts up to another level. This is why there are multiple tools available online that can be used to display User-Generated Content across various mediums like websites, digital screens, etc. 

Strategically placing this Content in front of potential customers can make them more curious about trying out your brand and its products. 

Pixlee is a User-Generated Content platform that allows its users to collect, curate and embed Content across platforms. 

Additionally, the users also get an option to measure the crucial statistics and numbers to determine the performance of the Content wherever published. 

Even though the platform sounds interesting, various other User-Generated Content platforms can be a better alternative to Pixlee. Some of the mentioned platforms have surpassed Pixlee, and in this blog, we are going to tell you about these platforms. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Top Pixlee Alternatives


We are going to start this list with Taggbox – a leading User-Generated Content platform that can be used by brands and marketers to take their business to the next level. 

Taggbox is a comprehensive platform that allows users to fetch content from over 15+ social media and review platforms for aggregating valuable content in the voice of your customers. 

The collected content can be further showcased on various platforms as a hashtag campaign, e-mail campaign, on digital displays, on the website, for ads, or for E-Commerce.


Users can customize the content using a variety of customization options. There is a wide variety of styling options like templates, cards, layouts, fonts, colors, display options, etc. that can be used to make the content more visually appealing. 

Taggbox understands that the internet can be a nasty place at times and people unnecessarily troll brands that can have bad repercussions. This is why the platform offers a content moderation panel that can be used to monitor the content before finally publishing it on the platform. 

Furthermore, analytics plays a major role in determining the performance of the content where it is published. Using Taggbox, you can get insightful details into details like engagement, clicks, total users, total impressions, etc. 

The robust active support team of Taggbox assists its users every time they come across or encounter an issue while using the platform.


Another great platform that can be used to aggregate the valuable Content created by your customers is CrowdRiff.


The platform enables its users to gather unlimited feeds in one go. Once the Content is aggregated, it can be used to display it on the website, on your social channels, or during promotional campaigns. 

Additionally, you can also add attractive Calls to action to make the Content more attractive. Lastly, the platform allows users to leverage insights and analytics to keep the performance of the Content on track. 


Tintup is one of the most effective and responsive User-Generated Content platforms that claims that it can effectively help its users to grow engagement and increase brand sales.

Using this platform, the users can effortlessly aggregate and showcase valuable Content on websites, during events, virtual events, digital signage, e-mails, or even in ads.


Using the analytics option, the users can monitor the performance of the Content and get insights into crucial details and statistics. 



Stackla is a visual content platform that also allows its users to discover, manage and display engaging visual Content across various touchpoints like websites, emails, ads, commerce, and even for virtual events.

Using Stackla, you surely can resonate with your audience on a personal level through the voice of your existing brand customers. 


The last User-Generated Content platform on the list is Olapic. This tool can be used to determine where your customers are most actively posting Content and can be aggregated easily in a few easy steps.


The platform offers various useful features that can be used to make the Content more impactful. Users can customize the content according to their style and preferences and further showcase the Content on platforms like websites, emails, or even offline. 

Overall, Olapic is an excellent platform and does the job of showcasing User-Generated Content effortlessly and effectively. 

Key Takeaways 

According to surveys, more than 90% of your potential customers go through User-Generated Content during their decision-making process. 

This is mainly because they tend to trust other customers more than your brand’s promotional content. Further embedding the voice of your customers on various platforms is a sure shot way to increase your brand’s sales and conversions. 

This brings us to the end of this blog, and you are now aware of the best alternative and competitors of Pixlee that can be used to reap more benefits! All you have to do is select the one that deems fit and leverage it right away! 

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