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Best Stackla Alternative & Competitor – 2023

User-generated content or UGC platforms are becoming the prominent tools for marketers to collect, assemble, and present alluring social media content in the marketing touchpoints. One such widely popular social media aggregation platform is Stackla. It provides users with the ability to easily aggregate particular and relevant social media feeds from multiple channels. Hence, Stackla has a good reputation in the market. 

However, there are several other UGC platforms available on the internet that provide more features and functionalities than Stackla at the best prices. 

There are so many alternatives to Stackla that you can find and use for your marketing purposes. This blog will guide you for the best Stackla alternatives and competitors on the internet that provide you with exact and more effectiveness to collect, embed, and enhance your marketing game with social media content integration. 

5 Best Stackla Alternatives & Competitors On The Internet?

These are some of the reputed UGC platforms that many brands and marketers are using to commence their social media strategies. Below, we provide you with the options of the 5 best UGC platforms that you can choose to collect and embed social media aggregators. 

You will get to know about the features and functionalities of these platforms and how they are beneficial for your brand. So let’s know about these platforms:


Taggbox is the most popular UGC platform among brands and marketers to aggregate and integrate users’ content into marketing strategies. Taggbox is known for its easy, affordable, and uncomplicated UGC solutions to incorporate UGC into marketing campaigns without much trouble.

Taggbox also provides you with several features and functionalities to collect, curate, and embed social media posts on your website, eCommerce stores, emails, social media advertisements, etc., to leverage the power of UGC as much as possible.


With Taggbox, you will get four suites of products: Taggbox Widget, Taggbox Display, Taggbox Commerce, and UGC Rights Management. All these four products solve all your UGC marketing needs, from websites to events to eCommerce to acquiring legal rights before publishing the UGC on your marketing fronts. 

Taggbox is a comprehensive UGC platform that serves all UGC marketing needs with utmost efficiency. 


Tintup, one of the most trusted UGC platforms, is your reliable and trustworthy user-generated content tool to brands and marketers. Tintup also comes with various UGC solutions to enhance the game of UGC into marketing strategies. You will get UGC solutions for all types of events, web marketing, DOOH marketing, emails, advertising, and many more.


Tintup is a rapidly growing and established UGC or social media aggregator platform that allows you to collect UGC from diverse social media networks. Tintup is a reliable source of fetching user-generated content as it has complied with GDPR compliances. This means that you can collect the UGC or social media posts from your users, fans, and followers by getting their permission to imply it for your marketing purposes. 


Crowdriff is again a popular and widely used UGC platform by brands. However, Crwodriff promotes its product visual marketing software that allows users to collect creative and innovative social media content at ease.


Crowdriff provides a wide stack of platforms for UGC solutions like Media Hub, Digital Asset Management, User-generated Content, Social Publisher, etc., to help brands and marketers manage their visual marketing strategies effectively.

Crowdriff majorly provides its UGC solutions for the travels & tours industry to enhance their marketing game with UGC & visually appealing content. Thus, if you belong to this industry, then Crowdriff is your go-to UGC platform. 



As I said before, there are so many User-generated contents or UGC platforms on the internet, I mean it. Olapic is another awesome UGC platform available on the internet that provides you with enormous features and solutions related to UGC & marketing.

With Olapic, you can smartly integrate user-generated content into your marketing platforms and get enormous results with UGC strategies. Not only does it provide you with UGC solutions, but it also helps you collect and integrate short, interactive video clips in your marketing touchpoints. 


Last but not least, Pixlee is a UGC & influencer marketing platform that helps you step up your social media and web marketing game-plan with a powerful content strategy. You can use Pixlee for your UGC as well as influencer marketing purposes that will grow your brand tremendously in all marketing spheres.


As you can integrate UGC posts into different marketing platforms, it will be an amazing solution for you to get your influencer marketing handled through the same platform. 

Choose Your Way For The Best UGC Platform! 

Now you get to know about some of the best alternatives and competitors of Stackla available to you. So, without making any delay, you can start with utilizing any of the UGC platforms to begin your long-awaited UGC marketing strategies.

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