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Best Tintup Alternative For UGC In 2021

Do you want to integrate user-generated content or UGC into your marketing campaigns? Are you using Tintup, or have you heard about Tint as a UGC platform? Do you want to know what other UGC platforms provide the same features and functionalities to integrate UGC into the marketing campaigns?

If your answer is positive, then we are so excited to tell you about some amazing and powerful UGC platforms to integrate UGC into your marketing campaigns. 

But let’s also understand what these UGC platforms do for you and how they are beneficial for your marketing campaigns. So start to know about the Tintup alternatives in the market and how they are beneficial for your business. 

What Is A UGC Platform & Why Should Brands Bother UGC At All?

UGC stands for user-generated content, and UGC platforms mean those tools, software, or any application that allow you to collect and integrate user-generated content from the channels where your customers or users create UGC content for your brand or business. 

UGC platforms give you a place where you can search for user-generated content from social media platforms, websites, or any other platforms where people are active and talk about brands & businesses without any sponsored activity with large numbers of audiences. 

These UGC platforms are available on many different platforms. Some are software as a service-based UGC platform; others are tools that give you access to particular channel/s from your desired social media platform. 

Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose your UGC platform. You can choose various platforms to aggregate and integrate user-generated content in your marketing platforms and boost the performance of your marketing campaigns by integrating powerful UGC. 

These are some of the reasons that marketers should consider using UGC in their marketing campaigns. 

Build Brand Trust With Prospective Customers: Inserting UGC posts in marketing campaigns increases your brand’s authority with the real and genuine experience of customers. People believe more in real things than self-praising and professionally created content by the brands. By integrating user-generated content in your marketing channels. It will boost the trust of your brand and enhance the marketing touchpoints with a reliable content display.  

Enhance Customer & Brand Relationship: UGC enhances your relationship with your customers as they feel the brand hears them.

Increase Conversion Rate & ROI Of Marketing Campaigns: Another benefit of using user-generated content in your marketing campaign is that it will boost the conversion rate by triggering your customers and targeted audience to take the desired action by earning their trust with authentic content. 

Effectively Engage Audience With Your Brand’s Marketing Activities: Another major benefit you can leverage with integrating UGC. You can collect and integrate user-generated content to increase the participation of your audience in your marketing campaigns. 

4 Best Alternatives Of Tintup You Can Use In Your Marketing Campaigns



Taggbox, many times G2 awarded and reliable UGC platform on the internet that many brands and marketers trust. Taggbox provides various social media platforms and other web platforms to aggregate user-generated content to integrate on diverse marketing platforms without any coding and harsh technicalities. Taggbox comes with various features and functionalities to collect and customize user-generated content with themes, layout styles, background, banners, etc. 

It is a powerful UGC platform that allows you to integrate UGC into diverse marketing touchpoints like email, web pages, eCommerce stores, social media or digital ads, events, digital signage displays, publications, etc. using its four stack UGC solutions – Widget, Display, Commerce, & Rights Management. 



Crowdriff is again a trustworthy UGC platform that provides its outstanding UGC services to the travel and tour industry to enhance their marketing with the user-generated content display. Crowdriff helps tour and travel businesses to find relevant user-generated content for their businesses and integrate them to enhance their marketing touchpoints.

Crowdriff provides professional UGC collection and integration solutions to connect with local travelers and facilitates partnerships between influencers and other travel businesses.  



Stackla, one of the leading UGC platforms, on the other hand, provides solid UGC solutions to brands and marketers to enhance their marketing campaigns. Stackla offers comprehensive UGC integration solutions to the marketers, from collecting to acquiring content rights from the original content owners. This keeps marketers away from legal troubles and compliance with the GDPR laws. 



Another prudent UGC platform on our list is Olapic. It is a powerful user-generated platform that you can use to collect and integrate UGC into your marketing platforms. Olapic allows you to create powerful UGC marketing campaigns with amazing visuals that comprise both images and video content. You can leverage this user-generated content for your marketing purposes and enhance the performance of your marketing campaigns. 

Over To You…

Now you know about the best alternatives of Tintup available on the internet. You can easily collect and insert user-generated content into your marketing campaigns using any of these UGC platforms. 

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