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Best Bazaarvoice Alternative & Competitor

Are you searching for the Bazaarvoice alternative to incorporate smooth business reputation management at more affordable rates and effectiveness? If your answer is yes, then here are some amazing benefits of Bazaarvoice alternatives and competitors that provide similar features and functionalities to manage your business, small or large!

You can easily integrate and manage your marketing strategies with user-generated content and understand your customers in a much better way. With these alternatives, you will be able to add more into your marketing campaigns that bring you desired results. 

Start to learn more about these Bazaarvoice alternatives available on the internet and how they work. 

If you are searching for Bazaarvoice alternatives, most of you might probably already know about what Bazaarvoice does and how it works. But if not, then here below is the small brief of this marketing tool that will guide you on how it works. 

What does Bazaarvoice Do?

Bazaarvoice is a marketing tool that helps businesses to collect, manage, and comprehend what people are saying about their business over social media platforms. Bazaarvoice helps retail and eCommerce businesses to connect with their customers through social media and web platforms. It helps brands and businesses to collect customer feedback, reviews, and interactions with your online customers. 

It helps businesses fetch customer feedback that helps owners and marketers understand what their customers are talking about them. It helps businesses to build strong business reputation management strategies and build good customer relationships. Many brands are using Bazaarvoice to boost their marketing efforts and get closer to their customers. But as the internet has opened the doors to finding anything, you can easily find the best alternatives of Bazaarvoice where you get the same features and functionalities with cost-effective solutions.

5 Best Bazaarvoice Alternatives On Internet


Taggbox, one of the best UGC platforms that have earned almost all G2 badges as the best performer and easy-to-use UGC platform every year. It is a widely used and mostly brand-trusted UGC platform.


Taggbox comes with a stack of tools and platforms to empower diverse marketing touchpoints with curated social media content. You will find Taggbox widget, that helps to embed UGC on web pages and email marketing campaigns; Taggbox Display that helps to showcase social media walls on live events, virtual events, hybrid event, digital signage, or any digital screens; Taggbox Commerce that help you merge Shoppable UGC Galleries on the eCommerce stores & product pages to leverage social proof; and Taggbox UGC Rights Management to empower UGC marketing campaigns with legal proof by collecting UGC rights from the content owner. 

Thus, Taggbox is a perfect alternative to Bazaarvoice to enhance marketing touchpoints by integrating UGC all in one place. 



Tintup is a reliable, comprehensive, and powerful UGC platform on the internet that again offers marketers a wide range of UGC solutions for their marketing touchpoints. Tint provides you enterprise UGC solutions for your business with resolving all your marketing needs.  

You can use Tintup to resolve your multiple UGC marketing needs and empower your marketing campaigns to integrate UGC into your marketing platforms. Tintup is your UGC tool to incorporate your business requirements effectively and efficiently. 


Later offered a full-fledged platform to digital marketers and social media managers to make powerful marketing strategies. Later provide a platform where you can manage the social media content, schedule your content in advance, collect users’ data, and frame impactful marketing strategies that boost the marketing campaigns for your business. 


With Later, businesses and marketers can happily manage multiple social media channels at a time, improving the effectiveness of the social media marketing strategies. You can save time and cost of marketing platforms with Later. 



Yotpo is popularly known as a trusted and effective eCommerce marketing platform that ensures brands and businesses build strong marketing fronts to experience exceptional benefits. Yotpo helps eCommerce businesses to collect customer reviews & experiences from social media platforms. With Yotpo, you can use these collective customer reviews to display on your marketing fronts that will boost loyalty, trustworthiness, and authority of your business.

Yotpo is integrated with a wide range of marketing platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce, Klaviyo, etc., that will help you merge customer-generated content from online stores to email marketing campaigns to boost effectiveness.

Similar to Yotpo, with this tool, you can expand your marketing game with powerful and interactive customer reviews & ratings on your marketing channels. From collecting customer reviews to user-generated content, you will complete a solution to build an authoritative image of your brand. provides AI-based eCommerce marketing solutions to enhance your marketing platforms with creative and realistic content. also takes their marketing solutions a step further by helping you to create a rewarding system to make stronger relationships with your customers every time they give you their feedback & review.

Over To You…

These are some of the incredible UGC platforms available in the market, a perfect alternative to Bazaarvoice. Choose any of these mentioned UGC platforms to incorporate powerful & authoritative UGC in your marketing campaigns and retrieve your desired results.

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