Hashtag Campaign

Hashtag Campaign Guide For Modern Day Marketers

Hashtag campaigns bring life to your marketing efforts by boosting engagement. The audience can share their posts and join in the conversations through hashtags. Using hashtag campaigns will also enhance your brand image and increase your audience reach. 

This mini-guide will help you understand hashtag campaigns so you can reach where your audience is present. 

What is a Hashtag Campaign?

A hashtag campaign is created with a specific hashtag that surrounds a brand, theme, or topic. It is majorly used to create awareness, promotions, and marketing.

Marketers and brands across the globe are rigorously using hashtag campaigns to promote their products/services and brands. It is one of the trending methods of marketing.

Hashtag campaigns are so popular because it helps in the wider audience reach while connecting the content and brand at the same time.

Try using hashtag campaigns in one or more different ways and see the growth in brand visibility, audience engagement, and build brand authority. 

Ways to use Hashtag Campaign

create hashtag campaigns

You can also create a hashtag campaign in many different ways. Here are some popular ways you can try:

1. Collect Content and Create Social Wall Feeds

The most innovative way to use a hashtag campaign is by aggregating social media content and presenting it on offline or online platforms like websites, in-store display screens, events, etc. The few brands who have used this method have seen the rewards of this strategy. 

To use the method, select and use a social media aggregator tool. It will aggregate content from different social media platforms and design them in a social wall. Then you can embed it on your website, display it on digital screens, use it in email marketing campaigns, etc.

A social media aggregator you must try – Taggbox. It will help you collect, curate, and moderate UGC, which you can use for your hashtag campaign. Taggbox’s advanced features enable you to customize the feed and moderate it so you can filter and display the best quality content.

2. Create Contest Campaign

Running contests on social media are so hyped all because of the use of hashtag campaigns. Adding hashtags with the contests gives it more visibility and traffic.

You can create your contest into a hashtag campaign. It will make it more interesting. The best part about using hashtags for social media contests is that you can collect a lot of UGC through contest entries and keep them under one space (hashtag).

Hashtag campaigns allow you to experiment a lot. You don’t have to use generic hashtags but create new ones. Like you can make hashtags linked to your brand, product, or service or create a unique hashtag. It will give your brand a special identity.

3. Involve Influencers in Hashtag Campaign

Another innovative idea of using hashtag campaigns is involving influencers. Social media has given rise to online influencers and now hyped them so much in the past few years that it has become a career option for many.

Involving influencers in the hashtag campaigns will help you tap into a wider audience and get new customers because the influencers have thousands and millions of followers who are more inclined towards using brands they promote.

How to run a hashtag campaign?

Running a successful hashtag campaign is very easy if you follow the right steps before launching it. Follow through these steps, and you will be all set to launch your hashtag campaign.

1. Understand your audience

Your target audience and customers should be at the forefront of your hashtag campaign. So your foremost task on the list is getting to know your audience by observing their behavior and activities on various social media platforms. 

2. Create goals for your campaign

Once you understand your audience, create goals for your campaign. Defining goals for your campaign will help you monitor your progress and campaign success. 

3. Think of a campaign idea

Now come up with an interactive and interesting campaign. If your idea is fresh and engaging, it will turn out to be successful. You can also hop on the trending hashtag campaign ideas.

4. Create the right hashtag for your campaign

A hashtag is the core part of your campaign, and your complete connection with the audience is built based on the hashtag you use. So ensure that your hashtag is relatable, very easy to use, engaging, memorable, and short. 

5. Create an execution plan

The next part is planning the execution of the hashtag campaign. Select the platforms where you will launch the campaign and how you will engage the audience. Create a plan on how you will market your campaign.


Hashtag campaigns for brands have a lot of benefits like increased conversions, brand awareness, improving brand image, and high customer engagement. 

We hope the above mini-guide will help you get started with launching your very own hashtag campaign successfully. Using hashtag campaigns is the go-to strategy of modern-day marketers, and if you are not using it yet, now is the time to leverage it.

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