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A Quick Guide To Employee Generated Content with Examples

User-generated content is a great way to market a brand, but have you ever heard of Employee generated content? In the user-generated content, the meaning of ‘users’ is now expanded from customers to company employees. A company’s employees are also a potential resource for the companies, and brands leverage their employees’ content in marketing campaigns.

Now let’s learn in detail about employee-generated content and how you can leverage it in marketing. 

What is Employee-Generated Content?

EGC is any form of content that your employees generate and share. It could be social media content, blogs, reviews or testimonials, etc. 

Brands are marketing themselves on their strong company values, culture, and work environment. Showing inside pictures of company events, reviews from employees, and showing how happy the employees are while working at the company gives a big boost in the online brand presence. 

Both customers and potential employees see the company in a positive light. 

Examples of Employee-Generated Content

1. Google

One of the biggest tech giants in the world is way ahead in treating its employees the best. People in the corporate world are fans of the company’s culture. You can see what the employees of Google say about their experience and what goes behind the scenes at Google on their dedicated social media accounts @LifeAtGoogle. And Googlers love it when they are featured on official accounts. Google also has an official blog named ‘My Path to Google,’ where employees share their journey with Google. 

2. Starbucks

The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, believes that employees are the true brand ambassadors of any organization. Starbucks as a brand is a promoter of employees. They have an online space, ‘Starbucks Partner,’ where they feature their employees. Starbucks’ employees actively share their photos and experiences on the ‘Starbucks Partner.’ They have a hashtag #ToBeAPartner which fosters a sense of belonging in employees. 

3. Reebok

When Reebok’s employees shared their photos featuring Reebok shoes on social media, the brand leveraged it as an opportunity to promote themselves. The random posts from employees turned into a campaign with the hashtag #FitAssCompany. 

Benefits of using Employee Generated Content

Still doubtful about using EGC? Read the benefits of using EGC in your marketing below.

1. Increase Employee Engagement

When you feature your employees on your marketing channels, they feel more involved and dedicated towards the company. Reports prove that employee engagement also improves the loyalty and productivity of employees.

2. Attract Talent

Using employee-generated content in the marketing channels will help you attract new talent. Potential employees will get to know about your company culture and work ethics. With the positive EGC campaigns, more talented people will feel motivated to join your company. 

3. Builds Credibility and Trust

EGC is an authentic form of marketing as you turn your employees into brand promoters. It will help your company build credibility in the market and win the trust of your stakeholders. 

4. Expand Social Media Reach

Employees can be a great link in expanding your network and social media presence. Because when your employees share posts for your brand, it’s reaching their network, thus expanding your network.

5. Fresh Content Perspective

Instead of promoting only your brand’s products, services, and the customer experience in marketing campaigns, you can use ECG. It is a very different concept and will give a new content perspective to your marketing campaigns.

Now that you know the benefits of using and promoting ECG, it’s time you know how to get your employees involved in the process. Let’s discuss how you can collect ECG.

How to source Employee Generated Content?

  • Testimonials –  Ask your employees to share reviews and testimonials on social media sites or in person, which you can repost on your social media channels.
  • Contests – Run company-wide contests and feature the winners on your social media platforms.
  • BTS – Show behind-the-scenes activities and functions happening in your company throughout the year.
  • Interviews – Take interviews of your employees and publish them on different channels.

How can you efficiently use Employee Generated Content?

employee-generated content examples

Confused about how to efficiently use ECG? Here are some of the best ideas for you:

  • Show on your website as widget.
  • Display EGC on internal digital displays and digital signage.
  • Start and grow a company blog where employees share their experience and knowledge.
  • Share ECG on the company’s social media accounts and show your lively culture.
  • Make and promote a hashtag campaign (keep the hashtag interactive, eye-catchy, easy to remember, and related to your company).

Summing Up…

Employee-generated content is a very beneficial marketing tool for your company. The world’s top companies have been using it for a long time. It’s time you game up your marketing too. Start with Involving your employees in company activities and collecting ECG, then utilize them through innovative marketing methods, as discussed in the blog above. If you haven’t leveraged it till now, start today and build an authentic brand image.

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