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How to Add Social Media Feed to Shopify Website for Free?

Social media is a magnet for engagement, and you can use it to convert your website visitors to customers. Creating attractive & engaging social media feeds and adding them to your Shopify website will help you captivate your audience and sell more.

Now there are two methods to add social media feeds to your Shopify website:

  1. Using a social media aggregator tool
  2. Using a Shopify app 

We will discuss them in more detail in this blog, so stay with us till the end to know how you can upscale your Shopify website conversions by adding social media feeds to Shopify store.

Methods to Add Social Media Feed on Shopify Website

Method 1: Embed Social Media Feed on Shopify Website Using Social Media Aggregator Tool

A tool that helps users collect social media content on one platform, create a social feed, and embed code to add it on websites or other marketing touchpoints is called a social media aggregator. Some examples of these tools are Taggbox, Flockler, Tagembed, Juicer, etc. You can choose any of these tools and add social media feeds to your website. 

Let’s say you choose Taggbox; now follow these stages and steps:

shopify social media integration

Stage 1: Create Social Media Feeds

  1. Sign up and log in to Taggbox Widget.
  2. Open the Taggbox widget dashboard and choose the ‘Add Social Feeds’ option. 
  3. The pop-up window will show you options for social media platforms, and you can pick one option at a time to collect the content from the platform. Some of the common options you will find are – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Vimeo, etc.
  4. After selecting your social media platform, select the connection type. (on selecting Instagram, you will see options like- Hashtags, Handle, Stories, Mentions, and Tagged. Fill in your choice and connect the tool with your account. The social media feed will be created.

Stage 2: Design and Moderate your Social Media Feeds

  1. Open the Design section that gives you options to select themes and layouts for your feed. You can use features like color, font styling, background, and even add custom CSS.
  2. Then in the Moderate section, you can manage your feed. Like highlight the best posts and delete or hide the others. 

Stage 3: Publish your Social Media Feeds

  1. Click on the Publish button given at the bottom corner. 
  2. Now a pop-up window will appear, and you have to select Shopify as your website building platform. 
  3. The social media aggregator tool will create an embed code for your Shopify website. Adjust the size of the widget and then copy the code.

Stage 4: Embed Social Media Feeds on Shopify Website

Log in to your Shopify store website, and then you can add social media feeds on Shopify Store in three ways.

Embed on Shopify New Pages
  1. Navigate to the Online Store, then choose ‘Pages’.
  2. Add a new page. Select the HTML option (<>) from the editor.
  3. Paste the embed code and save the changes. 
Embed on Shopify Default Pages
  1. Navigate to the Online Store, then choose ‘Themes’.
  2. Click on the Customize button. 
  3. Now select the custom option from the sidebar. 
  4. Select the Custom HTML option and paste the embed code of your social media feed. Save the changes, and they will be added to your Shopify store website. 
Embed on Shopify Blog Posts
  1. Navigate to the Online Store, then choose ‘Blog Posts’.
  2. Click on the ‘create blog post’ button.
  3. Select the HTML option and paste the embed code.
  4. Save the edits to add social media feeds on the Shopify store. 

Method 2: Add Social Media Feed on Shopify Website using Shopify App

There are Shopify apps that you can install and use to add social media feeds to your website. Like the Taggbox Shopify app. Here are the steps you should follow if you want to use this method:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store and search for the app you want to use.
  2. Click on ‘Add the App’ and install it. Sign in to the app.
  3. You will be redirected to the app’s dashboard. Create a widget and name it. 
  4. Select your preferred social media platform to fetch content. Then select your connection type and fill in the required details. 
  5. Click on the Create Feed button.
  6. Now you can tag the products of your Shopify store on your social feed posts.
  7. Then customize the presentation to your liking.
  8. Now publish the social media feed. You can either generate an embed code and paste it on your website or directly publish it on your selected page.

Let’s Wrap Up

You now know the best ways to add social media feeds to your website. All you have to do is select the best tool and decide from which social media network you want to collect content to create social media feeds. 

Get started today, and boost your brand’s social conversations and conversions with a social media feed attracting visitors to your Shopify website.

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