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How To Embed Instagram Reels On Website (Step-by-Step)

If you are a brand or business that has been on the lookout to explore ways for making your website more effective and powerful, then you are at the right place. Speaking of content, social media platforms have exploded in popularity and become a major source of extracting content for brands and businesses. 

Speaking of social media platforms, visual-dominated platforms like Instagram have become a major touchpoint for the businesses that enjoy an active presence on the platform. Instagram, with a massive user base of more than 500 million active users continues to surprise its users with various interesting features.

Of all the features, Instagram reels have made a special place in the minds of Instagram users as it allows them to create interesting and engaging content, in the form of videos. Quite similar to Tik Tok, the Instagram reels feature also allows users to create videos ranging up to a minute. For more impact, the users can add interesting elements to increase the effectiveness of the reel.

Instagram reels embed

Looking at its popularity, brands have begun to embed Instagram reels on their website to reap benefits like never before. In this post, we will be telling you about the steps that you need to follow for embedding Instagram reels seamlessly into your website. 

Let’s get started!

Steps To Easily Embed Instagram Reels On Website

Step 1 – Select A Tool

The first step of the process is to search and select an Instagram aggregation tool that can help you easily collect, curate, and embed Instagram reels on website. There are various options available online and you need to look for the one that offers the best features.

A responsive tool like Taggbox Widget is all you need to complete the process. Taggbox widget is a leading social media aggregation tool that has a user-friendly interface and completes the process in a few clicks. The tool comes with features such as customization options, an advanced moderation panel, content updates, and an active back-support team for anytime assistance.

Step 2 – Log in & Collect The Instagram Reels

After choosing your preferred choice of tool, you will be ready to begin the process. Next, you need to log into your account or create a free account if you are a new user. After logging in, you will be redirected to the dashboard section of the tool.

You need to select Instagram as your preferred source and choose Instagram reels from your preferred connection type. You simply need to fill in your credentials and in a matter of minutes, you will be able to aggregate your Instagram reels. 

Step 3 – Style & Moderate The Widget

After aggregating the Instagram reels in the widget editor, you would be required to customize the Instagram reel widget as per your preference. Depending on the tool chosen, you will get the option to style the widget as per your preference.

Additionally, you may be given the option to moderate the content of the widget, depending on the tool chosen. By doing so, you will be able to monitor the content before publishing it on the website. 

Step 4 – Generate The Embed Code

After you are convinced with the overall look and presence of the Instagram reel widget, you will be set to embed Instagram feed on websites.

Click on the Publish button on the bottom left corner of the widget editor, select your preferred website building platform and click on the Get Code option to generate the embed code. Simply copy the embed code into the clipboard.

Step 5 – Embed The Instagram Reels Widget

Once you have generated the embed code, you will be ready to embed the Instagram widget on the website. Log in to the admin account of your website and redirect to the section where you wish to embed the Instagram reel widget. 

Paste the embed code in the back end section of your website section, and update or save the changes to complete the process. That’s it! You will have successfully embedded the Instagram reel widget on your website.

Key Takeaways

We have reached the conclusion section of the post and you are now ready to easily embed Instagram reel widget on your website. This process is a game-changing strategy that can tremendously improve the overall performance and impact of your website. 

Now, that you know about the process and the best tool that can be used for the process, go on and follow the steps to make the most of the strategy. We are certain that you will be highly impressed with the benefits coming in!

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