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6 Animator’s Tips to Make an Awesome Motion Graphic as a Content

As videos become one of the most powerful mediums to deliver information and messages, more and more people have been making videos as content for their blogs or social media, even as marketing tools. There are many styles of video, and one of the best to share information is motion graphics.

Motion graphic refers to animated graphic design, such as moving logos or graphs. It’s usually short and doesn’t rely heavily on voiceover narrative. Motion graphic has the ability to evoke emotions and build connections with audiences.

There are several advantages why motion graphics are a good choice as content. It’s cost and time effective, easily shareable, and visually attractive. However, creating an awesome graphic motion is a challenging task for some people, especially beginners.

Worry not! because we have your back. Check out some tips to make an awesome motion graphic as a content for social media or even marketing tools.

#1. Brainstorming and planning

Before anything else, brainstorming and planning are two big steps you need to settle. Gather people you work with to share and explore ideas before getting into execution. Here are some points that you need to talk about before going into the production process.


Some motion graphic products need a storyline to depict messages or information. In order to make a great storyline, you have to consider the target audience and what the motion graphic is about. 

In a brainstorming session, you can assist someone to do this job. You need a great copywriter to create a compelling story that drives and engages people. You can 


Discuss the design you need to implement in your work to make the production process easier and to avoid miscommunication. You might want to talk about the visual appearance of your product, such as graphs, typography, animation, and colors.


An awesome motion graphic without animation is nothing, that’s why you need to carefully choose it. Animation is one of the most crucial aspects to gather and engage people. You need to understand the nuance of the whole product to make a great harmony out of each aspect.


A Motion graphic content doesn’t rely heavily on voiceover narration. However, adding audio is still important to give effect and make the resulting product even livelier. 


Motion graphics are made to deliver messages and information. Sometimes, just even a moving logo carries out messages and meanings. Therefore, it’s important to discuss every aspect of the visual appearance of the product, whether it contains certain messages or not.

#2. Storyboard

Storyboarding is a major step in the motion graphic process. It’s a sketch sequence that provides a reference for key scenes along with scene directions in motion graphics. 

The purpose of a storyboard is to give clear instruction by narrative direction to make it easier for the designer and animator in creating the motion graphic. 

Usually, the storyline is implemented here. You can always go with a problem-solving context to bring the audience as a part of your explainer videos

#3. Design

After finishing the storyboard, now it’s time for the real deal. Designers will start to make the product according to the storyboard. There’s a huge advantage if you understand the design principles.

Design principles can be studied in institutions, but if you don’t enter one you can learn them from other sources. There are 12 design principles that can make a motion graphic looks visually appealing, which follows:

Contrast HierarchyWhite space

#4. Effects

There are many ways to make your motion graphic awesome, one of them is by using effects. There are two effects that can give powerful visual attacks and are recommended by animators. 

Set Matte

The set matte effect allows you to make the appearance of a certain picture fit into word shapes (see example). Not only that, but it also allows you to animate text sliding.

The ways to use a set matte effect might vary from one software to another. However, there are a few steps that work for some software.

  • Choose the layer you want to add to the set matte effect (footage layer).
  • Apply the set matte effect
  • Set the source layer to the layer with the data you want to use (text layer).
  • Set the matte source to alpha and blend mode to subtract and then tick invert.

Add ‘bound’ effect

The bound effect allows your objects to move even more naturally and less abruptly. You can add a ‘bound’ effect by animating your object as usual.

Then, two or three times before the last keyframe, add a keyframe that overshoots the position/rotation/scale of the last keyframe. 

#5. Animation

Animation is another important step in making a graphic motion. One sloppy transition can make the whole product look unprofessional. It also can make your viewers distracted while bonding with the story.

It’s challenging to make transitions seamless unless you’re a professional. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do that. You can create crack-free transitions by mastering the software that you use. Then learn to make the whole aspects of your graphic motion intuitive, cohesive, and story-driven. 

#6. Audio

As stated previously, motion graphics don’t rely heavily on audio. However, it is still important to make your motion graphic come out more powerful. Audio for graphic stories can be in the form of music, voiceover, and sound effects.

Depending on your product, you can choose only one or implement all of them. For example, a moving logo doesn’t need music and voiceover, you can simply add sound effects. If your product is in the form of a video, you might probably need music, sound effects, and voiceover.

Here are some places to find audio for your motion graphics.

  • Voice over

You can narrow down your search for voiceover artists by considering their age, gender, accent, tone, and style. There are websites to find voiceover artists, such as Voice 123 and

  • License-free Music

Make sure the music that you use is license-free. Some websites offer license-free music by doing a subscription. You can allocate 10%-20% of your budget for music licensing.

Top sources for finding music for video use are Musicbed, Audiojungle, Marmoset, Killer Tracks, Score a Score, and Needle Crop Co.

  • Sound Effect

Sound effects can be very distracting for viewers if you don’t choose them carefully. Make sure your sound effects blend well with the video. You can go to Freesound for free sound effects.


Creating an awesome motion graphic as content can be challenging if you work alone, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. An awesome motion graphic includes a compelling storyline and captivating visuals to deliver messages or information.

Make sure to always come up with a plan before jumping into the production. A well-developed plan makes your work more organized and makes the plan well executed.

Avoid making mistakes that can make you look like a rookie, such as cracky transitions. You can get away from that by mastering the motion graphic software that you use.

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