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How To Embed Facebook Feed On Website-Try 4 Different Methods

Over two billion individuals use Facebook on a monthly basis. That is over just a third of the planet’s inhabitants. Since a major portion of users discovers company sites through Facebook, it is a fantastic idea to construct a bridge between your social media followers and your business website.

Embedding Facebook feed on your website allows you to show the social side of your brand without leaving your website. Incorporating buttons and links along with your Facebook page feed help you to do so.

While catchy programming solutions like Embed endpoints now exists, we will concentrate on Facebook embed options that don’t need as much API knowledge.

Methods To Embed Facebook Feed On Website

Here are 4 methods to embed Facebook feed on your website-

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget, the ultimate social media aggregator tool, is the perfect choice for brands to embed their Facebook feed on the website.

With Taggbox, you can collect and curate Facebook feed using posts, page URLs, mentions, albums and can display it on any website building platform such as WordPress, Weebly, HTML, Shopify, Wix, Etc.

embed facebook feed on website

The premium features offered by Taggbox Widget includes 

  • Creative customizations to magnify the look of the curated feed, 
  • Powerful moderation panel to filter out the irrelevant content from the feed
  • Analytics to track and record the performance, user engagement, click rates, impressions, etc.

Apart from this, the robust customer support provided by Taggbox allows you to embed Facebook feed on the website without the need for any high level of technical support. 

Try Taggbox Widget – Create Your Free Account

2. Install a Plugin or Widget

It is nearly impossible to discuss the best way to embed a Facebook page feed on your website without at least a reference. If you have used WordPress, which approximately 60 per cent of this industry does, then you realize there is a plugin for virtually everything.

Facebook Feed WordPress Plugins

When it comes to choosing the finest Facebook plugin for your site, social networking itself provides numerous choices to pick from, such as:

The Page Plugin: This altered like box also enables manufacturers to move aspects of the Facebook profile straight onto their site. From here, clients can enjoy and discuss a webpage without leaving your site.

The Comments Plugin: This enables people to interact with your own site using their FB account, instead of requesting them to sign up for a new account simply to make a comment.

The Quote Plugin: This is very good for fostering shares on your website. The quotation permits people to choose portions of text out of the sites and posts and discuss it in their Facebook account.

Obviously, when you do not need to utilize the Facebook-approved alternatives, you may always utilize third-party alternatives. For example, present Facebook Posts is a plugin that is both SEO and programmer-friendly.

3. Tagembed

Tagembed is the best platform for integrating any social media feed on your website. With its simplest and code-free steps, you can convert your website into a one-stop platform for your user-generated content. 

The Facebook advertisement had been a good promotional tactic but became unpopular because of lesser reach. Tagembed has emerged rapidly as a social media aggregator and has shown good results to marketers. 

facebook feed on website by Tagembed

All you need to do is signup to the Tagembed account, create a wall and follow the simple steps till you generate a code. Copy that to the clipboard and paste it on the page where you want your Facebook feeds to be seen.

Read the detailed steps to embed Facebook feed widgets on your website.

4. Use Embedded Posts

Last but not least, an excellent way to enlarge your social achieve and display content in an omnichannel standpoint is using an embedded post. Like embedded videos, these snippets of code only let you showcase specific post on your site.

Embed Facebook Feed Manually

You may utilize this feature on the Facebook method to highlight a new accomplishment, share a fantastic societal example (like we’re here on our website ), estimate a particular individual or company and also to Facebook comments.

In the end, 74 per cent of clients consider word-of-mouth to become crucial for their buying choices.

To find the Facebook embed code out of a post: Opt for the place you want to reveal.

Click the top right corner options menu and then select”Embed Post.”

Lift and patch the code into your blog or website.

Facebook also includes its own “code generator” readily available for embedded articles, which permits you to determine how large the box to your post should be.

Exceptional Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Feed On Website

This question might appear in your mind: why should you even bother to invest your precious time in embedding Facebook feed on your website? However, if you are also thinking the same and wish for the benefits you will get after embedding a Facebook feed on your website, keep reading the below points to discover how embedding a Facebook feed is advantageous.

Embed Facebook Feed On Website

However, there are several benefits you can have with embedding a Facebook feed on your website. But here are some major benefits of embedding Facebook feed that usually, website owners can experience. 

Increase Visitors Engagement & Dwell Time

Your Facebook can contain dynamic content like images, videos, UGC, customer reviews, etc. This will entice your website visitors to engage. Instead of the professionally designed website content, people like to engage with more creative content such as UGC that offers them unique content. 

Increase the Dwell Time Of Your Website

Displaying creative and interesting Facebook feed on websites captures your visitors’ attention and engages them on your website. 

Help In Earning Trust Of Visitors

Building customer trust is the very aspect of a long-running and successful business. Your customers will like to buy your products and services if they believe in your brand. However, you cannot earn customer trust just with your website content. Hence you require something more validating and promising to earn your customer’s trust and loyalty towards your brand and website. 

Display Facebook reviews, mention posts, and any other form of UGC content on your website. It will boost authentic content as well as earn your customer trust with your brand. 

Leverage The Power of Social Proof

Embedding Facebook posts on your website amplifies social proof, which increases social admiration on your website with realistic, interactive, and engaging Facebook posts from the real users or customers. 

Power of Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon which means it drives actions based on inspiration through social media posts. Facebook posts inspire your customers with the UGC and creatively display Facebook posts, fascinates them with the user’s experience with your brand. 

Improve Conversion Rates & Foster Online Sales 

Facebook feed add actionable content on your website that triggers your visitors and potential customers to take desired actions. For example, displaying real-life product images and customer experience on your business website helps your customers know better about your product and customer experiences. 

Improve Conversion Rate

By embedding Facebook posts, you can leverage the quality content on your website and keep your audience engaged with authentic content that boosts reliability on your website. Also, embedding Facebook posts gives your visitors or potential customers a better idea of the product and usages with real-life product pictures. 

Build Brand Rapport With Customers

Displaying your customers’ reviews and user-generated content on your website builds affinity with your customers and brand fans by making them feel heard with the content. Placing your customers’ Facebook reviews on your website shows you the importance of your customer’s reviews and care about their feedback. 

Build Brand Rapport With Customers

Embedding Facebook feed also motivates your other customers to provide feedback and share genuine experiences with your product and services. You can encourage your new customers to share experiences on Facebook. This will grow your brand rapport with direct-relationship with your customers. 

Wrapping Up!

Concluding this blog with a final note that embedding Facebook feed elevates your website with powerful and engaging content. Employing such marketing tactics on your website will give you many advantages that might not be possible with other old or widely used marketing techniques. 

So start embedding amazing and dynamic Facebook feed on your website using any given methods and earn these advantages on your website. 

Some Most Asked Questions

How do I embed a Facebook feed?

To embed the Facebook feed, you need a social media aggregator tool that can help you generate the code. Using an aggregator tool, you can create and customize your feed and get the code. All you need is to copy the generated code and paste it at the backend page of the website where you want to embed the Facebook feed.

How do I get a Facebook embed code?

To embed the Facebook feed, the first and the primary requirement is a social media aggregator tool. You can choose any of the above-mentioned tools and create a Facebook feed using that aggregator tool. Once you have created and edited the feed and generated the embed code. Now add this code at the backend of your website.

How do I embed a Facebook post on my website?

To embed a single Facebook post on the website, you can either use embedded posts which is  Facebook’s own embedding option situated at the top-right corner of the post, or you can use a third-party tool like Taggbox Widget to generate the embed code for the post and display it on website. 

How do you embed a Facebook page into Google sites?

You can easily embed Facebook page feed on Google site using Taggbox Widget. On Taggbox Widget editor select “Google Sites” from the various website building platforms. Click on “Get code” and copy the generated code. Login to your google site account and select the page where you want to embed the Facebook feed. Paste the copied code and click on next.

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