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How To Embed Instagram Stories On Websites

Instagram Stories on websites is a new way of remarketing your disappeared stories from Instagram.

Let’s dive in with an overview of Instagram Stories to how to embed Instagram Stories on websites.

Instagram & Stories

Where anyone can create an account and share beautiful photos and videos with their friends and family worldwide.

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing social media platform, with 500 Million daily active users. With most of the youngsters on the Platform out of nowhere, it became the fastest growing social media platform.

As users share their recent activities quickly on it, businesses and brands use Instagram Stories for sharing promotional content such as

  • Their upcoming events
  • Products & services or 
  • Any informational content etc.

To keep their users up-to-date with recent news, upgrades etc.

By embedding such stories on websites, it can be used for remarketing purposes so that the website’s visitors don’t miss out the useful information.

Dive in for the steps on how to embed Instagram Stories on your websites:

Steps To Embed Instagram Stories On Websites

Follow the below steps to embed Instagram Stories on websites using Taggbox Widget:

Step 1 – Create an Instagram Stories Widget

1. First, Sign Up to create a Taggbox Widget account with 14 Days free trial, or Log in if you already have an account.

2. Click the “+Create Widget” button on the Taggbox Widget dashboard.

3. Open the widget, and you’ll be redirected to Taggbox Editor, Go to add feeds on the left menu.

4. A Dialog box “Pick a Source” will appear displaying all the social media platforms.

Here, select Instagram Business as a source for Instagram Stories.

5. Now select Stories as the aggregating method in the dialog box “Create Instagram Business Feed” & click on “Create Feed.”

Step 2. Connect To Instagram

1. You will be redirected towards the authentication process. 

2. Enter your Instagram account credentials.

3. In a short time, all of your Instagram Stories will appear on the Taggbox Editor.

Step 3. Generate Embed Code

Customize or personalize your Stories widget to make it more relevant and appealing according to your brand theme.

Use the Moderation feature for making Quality Content.

After creating a quality, Instagram Stories widget lets generate the code for embedding follow below steps:

1. Click on the “Embed Widget” button on the bottom-left.

2. “Choose your Platform” dialog box will appear, select your website platform from the list or if your website platform name is not available to click OTHER.

3. Now, adjust the height & width according to your requirement and click “Get Code”.

4. HTML code will appear, COPY the whole code.

Step 4. Paste the Code On Website

1. Open your website admin panel and select the location of your webpage where you want to embed Instagram stories. 

2. Paste the copied code on the “<> Embed” editor block.

3. Save the changes.

You have successfully embedded Instagram stories on your website.

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