9 Best Twitter Widget Plugins For WordPress

The importance of the tiny bluebird icon is known to all of us. Yes, I am definitely talking about the Twitter icon or button. Twitter is an unparalleled and remarkable platform for brands and businesses when it comes to target maximum audience & gain traffic on your official website.

Digital marketers cannot ignore the importance of social media channels for promoting their brands or businesses. And Twitter is one of the leading platforms for digital marketing purposes.

These days the common digital marketing strategy is to promote your brand or business on different social media platforms. If you have your website on WordPress, then it becomes quite easy to link your Twitter page with the website.

Connecting or showcasing the feeds from your social media platform on your official website will enhance the user experience, user interaction, and brand awareness among the audience.

Why Incorporate Twitter Feeds on your WordPress Website?

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms, used by 300 million-plus people across the globe. Embedding Twitter feeds on your WordPress website can bring you a plethora of opportunities and can serve many other benefits as well. It includes:

  1. Maximizes audience reach.
  2. Builds trust among your visitors.
  3. Enhances user interaction.
  4. Enhanced user experience.
  5. Enhanced user engagement.

There are 3 ways in which you can accommodate your Twitter feeds on the WordPress website. These are:

  1. By showcasing the most recent tweets.
  2. You can also portray your feeds in the form of widgets.
  3. Add the latest posts of Twitter on the website.

Best Twitter Feed Widget Plugins for WordPress

There are many plugins out in the market; however, I have made a list of the best 9 Twitter widget plugins which you can use for your WordPress website.

Let me walk you through the list of plugins. These are:

1. Taggbox Widget Plugin for WordPress:

Taggbox Widget has recently added Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin into its list of plugins, to offer a more flawless and smooth transition of the feeds from Twitter to your website.

With this Plugin, you cannot just embed the feeds from Twitter on your website; rather you can add extra features to it so that your widget looks more attractive and a visual treat for your visitors or customers.

Twitter widget plugin

You can alter the theme, layout, background theme, colours, fonts, card style, and much more with the help of this Plugin.

You can also select the profile or the posts which you want to showcase on your website with the help of hashtags, mentions, profiles, or handles.

This Plugin comes with an add-on moderation feature through which you can also filter the inappropriate or offensive content from the feeds, to deliver qualitative content on the website widget.

Try Taggbox Widget Plugin — Start Your 14 Days Free Trial

2. Twitter In-built Plugin:

Twitter itself has an option of creating a widget, from its official platform. It is not specially designed for WordPress websites, but yes, you can use it productively.

This Plugin comes with somewhat fewer features, but still, you can set the theme, color, height, font, and layout of the widget.

From the tab of Twitter Widget Settings, you can easily create the widget for your website, get the code, and then you can directly add this code to your WordPress website to add the widget on your site.

3. Twitter Widget with Twitter Reach Plugin

Another easy to use Plugin which we have added to our list is the Twitter widget with Twitter reach Plugin.

With the help of this Plugin, you can add the widget effortlessly to the header, footer, or sidebar of your WordPress website.

4. Kebo Twitter Feed Plugin:

After installing and activating the Kebo Twitter Feed Plugin, you can start embedding your Twitter feeds on the website.

In just a few clicks, you will get the shortcode that you need to add to your WordPress website according to the area where you want to add the widget. That’s it, and the stage is all set!

5. Pixiefy Twitter Feed Plugin:

It is one of the convenient plugins to install and very easy to use. You can simply install it and can start using it instantly.

This Plugin comes with the customization feature; you can choose the theme of your widget. However, not many features are offered by this Plugin, but yes, it is easily accessible and easy to use.

6. Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin:

This Plugin works similar to its name. In this list, it is another easy-to-use plugin, which you can even start using without creating an API. You can use this to simply showcase your Twitter feeds on your WordPress website.

7. Social Timeline Plugin:

Social Timeline Plugin is one of the most powerful plugins in our list, which we have created for you. With the help of this Plugin, you can just not add feeds from Twitter; instead, you can use it for other social media platforms as well.

You can also combine the feeds from all social media channels and can showcase them in one widget. Working with this Plugin, you can create a timeline of your feeds by including different formats of the feeds like images, videos, and texts.

8. Twitter Feed Grid With Carousel WordPress Plugin:

This plugin makes it possible to add your Twitter feeds on the website very easily and effectively.

You just need to add some details about the type of content you want to add to your widget, then it will showcase the preferred templates from the Plugin, and you can choose any of them & then can customize it according to the requirements of the website and visual effects.

9. Saranga Social Stream Twitter WordPress Plugin:

It is one of the most incredible plugins which you can use to embed Twitter feeds on your WordPress website.

It’s a stylish widget, and the responsive layout will help you in adding a more attractive widget to your website with the help of a shortcode.

Wrapping-it up

By adding or sharing Twitter page posts on your official WordPress website will surely create a buzz around your brand and business.

It could result in one of the most efficient marketing strategies for your brand. You can use Twitter feed widget plugins for the same.

In the list mentioned above, I have mentioned some best and easy to use plugins which can help you in adding Twitter feeds to your website easily.

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