8 Best Google Review Management Software To Try

As we all know very well that reviews are one of the most important things while making a purchase. Most people seek and trust authentic reviews before committing to a brand. People are hardwired to consider others opinions, they tend to trust other people even if they are strangers. 

Customer reviews are highly crucial for a brands success however, they are equally difficult to gather. Thanks to technology, we now have many softwares and tools which help brands request, collect and display these reviews for their benefit, easily and efficiently.

Google Review Management Platforms and its Features

Google Review Management platforms allow the users to request and collect customer reviews via SMS and email channels. These platforms also help the brands manage these reviews to display on various platforms for trust building. 

These softwares allow the brands to send simple and subtle messages requesting for reviews. These reviews are then published on various social media platforms or their website. If the customer is unhappy, these softwares allow the brand an opportunity to handle the issue, make the necessary changes or advancements related to the problem and transform negative reviews to positive ones. 

There are times when we cannot catch the customers on a preferred time, sometimes they are busy or just don’t wish to post reviews at that time. This is where the software helps us with setting reminders to send follow up emails or text messages. Making it easier to users to upload reviews whenever they feel like.

These review management platforms are the central place to collect, curate and manage customer reviews. These platforms help us with curating reviews from various platforms including Facebook, Google, yelp, etc. Collecting reviews from all the necessary platforms can help your brand enhance user engagement, encourage more people to leave reviews and build trust. 

7 Best Google Review Management Platforms

  1. Taggbox 

Taggbox sells itself as a review management platform. This tool helps brands collect users from various social media platforms and has a unique feature offering on-site visual upload option where users can upload reviews directly on the brand’s website. Making it even easier for businesses to grow using UGC. Taggbox also offers easy solutions for embedding these reviews on your website to influence potential customers and improve conversion rates.

  1. NiceJob

This platform allows you to manage reviews, request for referrals and spark conversations with your customers. They believe SMS is the best way to gain reviews and if people do not respond, they move on to sending gentle reminders via Emails. This platform also helps with Trust Widgets to embed in your website showing average ratings from various platforms, leading up to enhanced social proof for lead generation. 

  1. Yotpo

Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform allowing its users to manage reviews, referrals, digital marketing, and much more. It uses both SMS and emails to request reviews. Yotpo also offers additional features of using images and videos to your reviews making it interesting for customers to get engaged with rating the brand. 

  1. ReviewTrackers

ReviewTracker is a comparatively affordable choice providing all the essential features to manage necessary campaigns for review collection. This app would be of great help to small businesses because of its affordable pricing schemes. This platform is easy to use, and is a great approach to keep consistent review curation across all platforms. 

  1. Podium

Podium is a rather popular platform providing a vast variety of features including, customer interaction, payment options with review management. Because of its broad variety of features, Podium is one of the most expensive platforms. It is built around messages only, making communication easier. 

  1. BirdEye

Similar to Podium, BirdEye also uses SMS to collect reviews and send follow ups. This platform allows you to manage reviews, request referrals, and collect various surveys, making communication easy and interaction efficient. Brands can respond to reviews via their dashboard making it easy for brands as well to communicate with its customers. This platform is a bit expensive, make sure you utilize its free trial to good extent before making a purchase decision. 

  1. GetMoreReviews 

As the name suggests, GetMoreReviews is an application focussing on getting and managing more reviews from customers. This app has the ability to incorporate 50+ review sites. GetMoreReview uses SMS as well as emails to collect reviews and send follow up messages. This app is easy to use making it efficient for users to set reminders for follow ups. GetMoreReview is also cost effective, while providing all the essential features required for your brand to enhance its interactivity and generate more authentic User-Generated content. 

8. Emitrr

Emitrr is a complete business interaction and engagement platform. It provides a variety of features such as text marketing automation, missed calls to text, VoIP services,  and yes review management along with others. Emitrr offers the same range of features as Birdeye and Podium at better prices. Their review management feature allows you to respond to reviews across different platforms by bringing them under one dashboard. You can get notified about a new review, respond to it, and also request new reviews via text and email. You can also track the review metrics and see how your review campaign has performed. Emitrr’s platform is intuitive and easy to use making it one of the best review management platforms out there. 


Google Reviews are essential but equally tricky and time consuming to obtain manually. The above platforms make this process easier for you. You have the opportunity to automate your request and follow up process. Brands have the option to reach out to a massive audience from a broad variety of platforms to encourage customers to leave reviews. 

These software’s have some of the best features which can help your brand grow, enhance existing customer interaction and offer authentic content to potential customers. 

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