Benefits of Using a WordPress Job Board Plugin

What is a Job Board?

Earlier times, before the internet, job openings were put in newspapers and other print mediums. Now we have everything on computers and mobiles.

Job boards are websites or pages where employers can post job offers and job seekers can submit resumes. Simple enough, right? Putting the simple idea into software is a bit more challenging than it appears to be.

Different job boards and methods of listing jobs

There are several platforms to showcase job career trends on the web.

  • For both job seekers and companies alike, LinkedIn serves as an easy-to-use and flexible resume tool. The best thing about LinkedIn is that, unlike any typical job board, it is a social networking site instead. People on LinkedIn fill out their profiles with information related to their jobs and career achievements for recruiters to see. In addition, companies have pages on LinkedIn where they can post job vacancies and market themselves. 
  • Upwork is a networking space for freelancers and employers with a job board where they can be hired for work. Freelancers and employers can interact on Upwork, a job board targeted towards them. This is another job board that isn’t like the others. With a payment gateway and other P2P features, it’s more of a custom marketplace.
  • There are few job aggregator websites that act like google for vacancies, compiling data from hundreds and thousands of sources by crawling other sites to gather details of open vacancies. They have a predetermined order set as per their algorithms to show query results. Indeed is one such type, which is now the largest job site in the world, with over 25,000 partnered websites. 
  • Then there are the recruitment platforms, the classic job boards, that only show posting from companies that register with them, unlike the aggregators. Glassdoor is a job portal website. They include a wide type of job listings ranging from accounting to video gaming and more.

As we have seen there are many job boards and it’s becoming increasingly hard to stand out. One way to do that? Create an exemplary job board page, one that you want your visitors to see as different one from other similar sites they’ve visited before. That starts with details that make you stand out. Luckily, customizing your job board isn’t as difficult as it sounds. It just takes a little bit of work and creativity to get there. 

How to create a Job Board that you desire

When it comes to getting a great job board that you always wanted, there are three popular options when developing one – WordPress plugins, SaaS, or custom development. 

WordPress is the most popular open-source solution. This software is known for its flexibility and user-friendliness. The biggest advantage of the platform is its high level of customization using plugins and themes. 

Why use a WordPress Job Manager Plugin:-

  • Easy and quick to work with 
  • Comparatively cheap to other available options
  • Customizable as desired to the best of its possibilities
  • Access to ready-made themes, some of which are free too

The search for the best and easy-to-use plugin for creating a WordPress job board will lead you to the Job Manager plugin. With this plugin, you can have a job board that meets your requirements and attract more applicants looking for jobs in your industry. 

Here we will walk you through the process of creating your job board page in WordPress and telling you why you should have a plugin. 

The plugin easily lets you add all job openings from a single point. You can decide how you want the opening to be listed, add points, or write up detailed job descriptions.

Easily manage the applications, and update each status – pending, rejected or selected profiles.

Make it easy for the applicants to find the suitable job opening that they are in search of, by categorising job types.

Added benefits of having the plugin:

  • Customise the look of your career page
  • Add special badges to have ‘featured’ job opening
  • Manage job application
  • Simplistic ways to filter jobs
  • Easy job application, uploading files and detail submission 
  • Automated mail triggers
  • Google Recaptcha to block bots and fraud actions

Every successful project looks back to a great idea. Be it creating a job aggregator, classic board, niche site, or even a social network. Consider contacting an experienced development company once you’ve identified your competitive focus or simply start by installing a plugin that will fulfil all your basic needs. 

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