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Benefits of Embedding Instagram Hashtag Feed on Website

Instagram is now more than just a social media platform. With several new updates, the app has turned out to be marketers’ heaven. Users can now enjoy the content and purchase from the content. With greater conveniences and eye-pleasing content, Instagram offers the internet era with a great virtual space to spend your time. 

Power of a Hashtag

Hashtag plays a very important role in social media communication. A hashtag can track topics and conversations. It has the power of tagging keywords and other texts. It is the easiest tool to engage users, by building a good relationship and involved them with good content. 

On Instagram, hashtags are popular for the audience can make their photos discoverable. The photos would remain private in case there are no hashtags mentioned along with the caption. For brands, hashtags in Instagram digitally empower the business by influencing their target audience to create brand awareness. 

The Need of Instagram Hashtag Feed

By embedding an Instagram hashtag feed on website, the brand can acquire a lot many additional features alongside its marketing benefits.

Here are the benefits of having an Instagram feed on website.

1. Use of UGC

Instagram is full of content. Content created by the users themselves for their pleasures and purposes. By reusing those user-generated content, the brand can involve the users in the campaign.

Your social wall gets ready with user-submitted photos and videos. And the embedded Instagram feed lets the customers access the content directly on the website, leading to increased traffic by building brand awareness.

2. Viral Content

Users are waiting to get their content viral. With an Instagram hashtag feed on your website, your brand is offering them a chance to go viral. As much relevant content goes viral, the users will get more engaged leading to generate more sales.

As a marketing strategy, this helps you ensure a great return on investment.

3. Low Bounce Rates

By taking the users directly to the website instead of the app, they can enjoy all the same features without opening any other tab. It gives them an easy experience scrolling on the website with the most relevant posts.

With more time spent by the users on the website, dwell time increases and bounce rates fall resulting in more conversions.

4. Shoppability

The grace of Instagram is now being adored by the marketers for its shoppable post feature. Instagram offers a virtual space to explore the products in the posts and purchase from the posts in real-time. 

The embedded hashtag wall can let your audience have a look at the products and purchase them instantly without any other portals to interrupt.

5. Reinforcing the Brand

Having a dedicated, unique hashtag to portray your brand and its product creates a reputation. With every use of that hashtag in the users’ posts let you strengthen the brand image. Add the hashtag in your brand promotion strategies to inspire the customers to use it. 

Take the reach and viability of your brand to the next level with an Instagram hashtag feed embedded on the website.

Leaving On to You…

An Instagram hashtag feed embedded on a website is smart marketing. A perfect mash of professional outlay with a creative touch is what you need for your Instagram wall on the website. Embedding tools from Taggbox lets you customize the feed as per the configurations and color schemes of your website’s UI design. 

Make the smart move with the right digital move and take the best possible advantages of social media!

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