Best Alternatives To Embed Social Media Feed Widget

With more than 3.8 active users, social media has become one of the most powerful online sources carrying forward various activities such as brand promotion, buying & selling of products/ services, and many more.

Due to so many benefits offered by social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. brands have started leveraging these even more now.

With a business website, brands find the need of reaching a large audience, gaining customer trust, increasing brand awareness, boosting ROI & sales, etc.

And by integrating social media feed widget on their website, brands have taken their business efforts to the next level.

In this blog, you’ll get to know about the best alternative of that is even better in terms of features and pricing.

Best Alternatives For Website Widget

#1 Taggbox Widget

Considered to be one of the renowned names in the digital world, Taggbox Widget has really helped brands all across the globe to shape their business in a better way.

This social media aggregator tool, as well as the UGC platform, helps in creating, curating, and embedding user-generated content from various social media platforms via hashtags, mentions, handles, URLs, etc.

Aggregated in real-time, the social media feeds can be embedded on any website building platform like Shopify, WordPress, HTML, and more.

The best thing is that you don’t need a technical person to do the task for you. Even you can do it on your own by just copying & pasting the embed code in the backend of your webpage.

Speaking of its features, Taggbox offers a diverse hub of customization themes & layout, banner, background, different layouts, banner, font size & color, etc.

Moderation Panel is the second most amazing feature of Taggbox. With the help of this feature, you can filter out all the unwanted and unnecessary content from your feeds.

In case you want to keep a track of the performance of your feeds, you can take help from the Insightful Analytics feature.

Apart from these, Taggbox also serves other features as well including the Hashtag Highlighter, Ticker, Custom CSS, and more to make the aggregated content even more personalized.

To leverage all these amazing features you can either take paid subscription or go for a Free Trial for 14 days.

Try Taggbox Widget – Take Your 14 days Free Trial

#2 Smash Balloon

If you find the need for a social media feed plugins for your WordPress website, then “Smash Balloon” can be your savior.

Serving features that are tailored to your website, this WordPress plugin widget can completely customize your aggregated content from the most popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

It is easy to set-up blazing fast websites without any need for a technical expert. Also, they offer 100% responsive custom websites that automatically adapt according to the font & styles of your WordPress website.

Be it timeline feed, photo feed, video feed, or any other social media feed, Smash Balloon allows you to display multiple feeds in WordPress.

Not just feeds, but this tool allows you to create shoppable feeds which is another great way to boost sales & grow your business.

Unlike any other plugins, Smash Balloon embed the content directly on your web page instead of using iframes.

In short, the content is 100% SEO friendly which also improves your website’s SEO rankings.

#3 is a platform that collects and displays content (like videos, images, or posts) from various social media platforms by hashtag or by profiles.

You can use the curated social wall to display at hybrid virtual events, embed on your website as a widget, mobile, or through AP.

The benefits of doing this can be the promotion of your event on social media, give exposure to your brand and sponsors, make your event most talked about, etc.

Along with customizable CSS & style editor, you can also use the moderation feature to filter out the irrelevant feed to make your wall look clean and great.

So, don’t wait!

Harness the power of user-generated content to shine as well as boost the message you want to convey with your content with hashtags.


From images, videos to reviews and more, embedding social media feeds is now possible with some of the best alternatives of

You can easily amplify your website’s performance by achieving factors like building customer trust & loyalty, building social proof, boosting audience engagement, and other possibilities.

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