Top 6 Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On Website –

We often see a testimonial section on the business websites, but do we get inspired by these customer’s feedback? Website visitors can’t validate the source of these testimonials, whether they are from actual users or deliberately included by the marketing team.

Thus, to build trust among the visitors, you need a valid source for these reviews. According to a survey, 70% of users trust a brand if they find positive We all have heard about Google reviews, and many of us have shared our experience with any product on it. 

Google reviews play a vital role in the decision-making process of a user. It is a common practice by people to look for reviews online before making any decision on investment.

In this blog, we are going to understand the benefits of embedding Google reviews widget on your website.

How to Define Google Reviews?

Google reviews are another prominent feature of Google My Business and Google Maps. They allow users to share their views publicly by sharing experiences encountered with a brand or specific product or services. Reviews are generally in the form of feedback, opinions, suggestions for improvements, comparison with other products, etc.

Businesses use this as a great platform to highlight the features, benefits, and differences from the competitors. Reviews also have a great impact on the search engine results. 

Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On Website

Social Proof & Authenticity

Users search for social proof to validate their purchase decision. Even at their final stage of purchase, they look for better opportunities, just to ensure that they are not making any wrong decisions.

Thus, if you provide them the social proof on your website, they don’t distract from your product and get motivated to buy your product or services. Google review is a product of Google My Business, which ensures that the reviews are all from authentic customers. This builds brand authenticity and also validates your brand presence in the market.

When you embed Google reviews on your website, you enhance the dwell time of the users and shorten the probability to leave your website.

Build Trust & Brand Reliability

Reviews being the real-life experience shared by the actual users after using your product or services, it builds trust among the consumers.

When authentic reviews are displayed on your website, then it adds credibility to your brand name and drives more conversions.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Reviews present online offers greater brand awareness and reach as compared to the marketing content or campaigns. When you get more reviews from your customers, their connection (friends, acquaintance, etc.) learns about your brand, which broadens your reach. 

When you embed Google reviews widget on your website, your website traffic gets a boost. Positive reviews and feedback help you to earn consumers’ trust and encourage them to use your services or products.

Higher Sales and Conversions

The fact that 90% of the users make a purchase action after reading online reviews, the chances that the user landed on your website will convert into your loyal customer. 

Google reviews add value to the information that is present on your website, and as already being said, it builds trust. Thus, embedding Google reviews on the website will boost sales and conversion by influencing the purchase cycle of the users. 

Improves SEO

Reviews play an important role in SEO ranking efforts. Depending on the searches and the consumers’ purchase decision, your ranking might get affected. Embedding Google reviews widget on the website provide visitors a quick way to learn about your product and boost potential purchase.

Search engines choose the website to rank higher that have higher velocity, good reviews, and getting consistently visited by the users with great dwell time.

Thus, you rank higher when you embed reviews on your website. 

Creating Feedback Cycle

Google reviews on your website encourage other customers to share their experience as well. If you make leaving a feedback process easy, users are more tend to rate and review your services.

Moreover, if you are offering services, you can give back a link to their website, which will strengthen customer relationships and boost brand advocacy. 

Take Away

The website is the first marketing product for any business. It needs to be impressive, informative, and engaging to increase user engagement and purchase action. Integrating Google review is a great source to build trust, engagement, and conversion in lesser time. 

Google review widget by Taggbox Widget, is the best platform to embed these valuable reviews on your website efficiently and easily. Taggbox brings the power of trusted reviews to your website to increase the dwell time of the users and increase overall ROI. 

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