How To Embed Facebook Reviews Widget On Website?

Taggbox Widget is the best UGC platform to embed Facebook reviews widget on any website. It helps you to aggregate all your social feeds in one place with hashtags or mentions. Taggbox Widget allows users to embed Facebook reviews in simple and efficient ways. 

The embedding process is divided into two main steps.

  1. Creating Facebook Review Widget
  2. Embedding Facebook Reviews on Website

Taggbox Widget offers many advanced features like personalization to customize social widget, moderation to filter out the feeds like negative comments or relevant posts, analytics to get the insight of the performance and many more features.

Guide To Embed Facebook Reviews Widget On Website

  1. Create an account or Login to your Taggbox Widget account.
Add Facebook Reviews

2. Now click on Add Social Feeds to start processing to add Facebook Reviews

Add Facebook Reviews

3. Now select Facebook as your feed source to fetch reviews from Facebook page.

Embed Facebook Reviews

4. Now select Page Reviews option as your preferred method to aggregate Facebook Reviews

Embed Facebook Reviews

5. Click Create Feed button and complete the required authorization.

Congratulations!! In some moments your Facebook Review will appear on your editor.

Step To Embed Facebook Rewiews Widget on website

  1. Click on the Publish button to generate the embed code for your website.
Preview & Publish Facebook Reviews

2. Now choose your website building platform from the following options. For eg: HTML

3. Set the height and width and click on Get Code.

Embed Facebook Reviews

4. Copy the embed code and paste it at the backend of your website.

Embed Facebook Reviews

Congratulation!! you have successfully embedded the Facebook widget on your website

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