Embed Social Media Feed On Any Website

Today, social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. We use it to learn about what’s going on in other parts of the world, connect with friends and family, and share our thoughts. 

But as a business, have you ever wondered what profits could these social opinions of people bring to you? An excellent tool to be used in marketing, consumers’ social media posts about their experience with your brand’s products and services could be used by means of the social wall. 

Embed Social Media Feeds On Any Website

This social widget then can be placed across various marketing touchpoints, especially websites. By displaying the authentic content on the website, brands can grab the visitors’ attention and create social proof for themselves.


A social media feed widget is a collection of multiple social media posts from different social media platforms that are created by brand users. This includes photos, reviews, videos, etc. A social media wall can be created by using a smart social media aggregator tool that brings all the user-generated content in one place. 

The aggregated feed can be embedded on a website homepage easily. There are certain perks of using a social media feed widget on a company’s website, especially for e-commerce- 

  • It boosts user engagement
  • Creates social proof for your brand
  • Collects user-generated content for your business
  • Helps enhance the brand trust and value
  • Magnifies the visual appeal of the website

In this blog, we will learn about one of the best social media aggregator tools on the internet that help in curation and embedding social media feed on a business website in an effortless way. 

Taggbox Widget – One Of The Best Tool To Embed Social Media Feed

Let’s begin with the most popular tool in this domain – Taggbox Widget! It is a social media feed aggregator that creates attractive and eye-catching walls for brands. It comes with different features that let anyone design the wall of their dream and choice (not to forget in tune with website layout!) Some of the key characteristics that make Taggbox Widget the leading tool in the market are- 

Personalize Dashboard: there are various options like theme, font, size, and color, banner, and custom CSS to design the social wall with Taggbox. 

Embed Social Media Feed Using Taggbox Widget

Content Moderation: Taggbox lets you curate the social feed widget by collecting only those social media posts that you want to display on the website. 

Taggbox Widget also has some special features, such as a profanity filter that automatically removes offensive content.  

Taggbox generates the embed code for the social wall created, which can be placed with the website backend, and the posts will be automatically fetched from that point on. The social media feed by Taggbox keeps updated in real-time, and if it’s for an e-commerce website, one can also make the user-generated photos shoppable. 

Step-By-Step Instructions To Embed Social Media Feed Using Taggbox Widget

Steps To Aggregate Social Media Feed On Website

  • Start with a 14-day free trial account or log in to Taggbox Widget if you are an existing user. 
  • On the Dashboard, click on the My Widget. You can create a new widget or use an existing one. 
  • Open the Widget by clicking on the Edit button. Now to collect social media feed, click on the Social Feed option located on the sidebar of the screen. A screen will appear with the Social Media Connection option. 
  • From the various social channel options on the screen, you can select any to collect the social media feed. 
  • Now a box will appear with #Hashtags, @Handles, Mentions, Page Url, Lists, Keywords, etc., depending on the source you have selected. 
  • Once you typed in the feed connection, click on the Create Feed button located on the box. 

Tada! You have started with the first to collect these amazing social media feed for your authentic, powerful, and engaging content for your website. You can follow similar steps to collect social media feed from multiple channels and create a vibrant social media feed for your website.

Steps To Customize Social Media Feed

  • Go to the Design feature on the same sidebar; you will find Themes and Customization in the list. 
  • To represent social media feed in a creative layout design on your website, check the various themes available on Taggbox Widget. Some popular themes are Classic Card, Square Photo, Horizontal Slider, and Story Theme. 
  • Select any theme that you find suits your website design perfectly. 
  • With the Customization option, you can add color & image to the background, change the size of images, fonts, social media icons, time & date, create posts in Card Style, and do theme settings. 
  • Once done, save all the changes you made to create an attractive social media feed Widget. 

Steps To Embed Social Media Feed

  • In three steps, you can easily embed social media feed on your website. 
  • Click on the Publish button located on the bottom left corner of your screen. 
  • A box with various CMS platforms appears on the screen. Select the one to generate the specific embed code that fits your website code. 
  • Now a box will appear with embed code. Copy the generated code and paste it into the website page to display the social media feed. 

You are done now! You have easily created this amazing-looking social media feed for your website with Taggbox Widget. Without any need for technical knowledge, anyone can easily create high-end-looking social media feed widgets for their websites. 

So what are you waiting for? Start creating and embedding feeds to your website in a matter of a few minutes and make your visitors go wow when they arrive on your website. 

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Benefits Of Embedding Social Media Feed On Website

Displaying social media posts is a potent marketing strategy to boost your website performance and earn a prolific return on investment. You always expect from implementing any marketing strategy on your website.

Social Media Feed on website

Though there are several benefits, you can fetch after integrating amazing social media feed on your website. But here, we are mentioning some of the major benefits of implementing social media gallery on your website. 

Make Your Website Appearance Vibrant

Social media feed are diverse forms of social media posts consisting of images, videos, UGC, customer reviews, etc. Social media posts contain vibrant colors, making them a powerful content display on your website that contributes to enhancing the look & feel of your website.

Make Your Website Appearance Vibrant

Designful, the display of social media content on the website is making the content appear more creative and interesting that impacts the overall appearance of your website.  

Keep Audience Engaged On Your Website

Social media posts are interactive and communicate to the audience engaging with the content. More than the professionally designed content on your website, people can relate to the social posts as it seems more realistic, humanized, and real-world display of the content.

Keep Audience Engaged On Your Website

Social media feed attract your audiences’ attention with the fascinating content and engross them with the social media posts shared by customers, fans, or even from your social media handles. 

Lower Bounce Rate & Improve SEO Ranking

Another major benefit of embedding social media feed on your website is that it will lower your website’s bounce rate. Interesting social media posts entice your audiences to explore social media posts on your website and trigger them to see more posts from your social media handles or real-time social media updates. This will turn into an increase in the session duration and dwell time of visitors to your website.

Lower Bounce Rate & Improve SEO Ranking

The more the audience engages with your website content, the lower your website’s bounce rate and builds your website’s authority. Eventually, the engagement factor leads to improving the website content quality and engagement that boosts the SEO ranking of your website. 

Boost Social Proof On Your Website

Social media posts act as the influential factor on your website. It enhances social proof of your website with real-life people experiences shared on social media. Thus, social media posts boost influencing content on your website, fascinate them with people’s experiences.

Boost Social Proof On Your Website

Displaying trending social media posts, sharing your customer’s experiences with your business, or even displaying influencers’ social media posts, will derive social proof, which is a crucial marketing factor for every business. 

Embedding social media posts makes it possible for every brand and business to take advantage of social proof. 

Increase Conversion Rate & Derive More Sales

All the benefits that you will get with the social media feed on your website will improve the conversion rate on your website. A well-designed and integrated social feeds not only improve your website appearance, audience’s engagement, and improve SEO ranking.

Increase Conversion Rate & Derive More Sales

Social media feed to boost the reliability and authority of your website with your audience and give them the confidence to buy your products and services without doubting. 

Social media feed derive your audiences’ actions with social proof and trigger them to gain the experience your other customers have with your products and services. 


Saying that social media marketing is only limited to the social media channels might be underestimating the power of social media for your business. Hence, leverage the potential of social media by integrating the amazingly creative and interesting content onto your business website using the powerful social media aggregator – Taggbox, and retrieve all the benefits mentioned above.

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