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Twitter Widget – Everything You Should Know About It

With over 353 million audiences, Twitter is a substantially growing social media platform with a 2.4% increment in the number of users in 2021. Several brands are leveraging exceptional results with marketing on Twitter from the past several years. 

The power of Twitter as a social media platform is unexplainable; it is successfully connecting its users with the latest news, trends, popular celebrities, brands, political leaders, businessmen, or any ideal figure. 

Seeing such huge participation of the audience, marketers are capitalizing on Twitter to expand their brand at global levels. 

Promotional advertisements, hashtag campaigns, and frequent content posts are the way marketers can boost the brand, but embedding Twitter widgets is another powerful tool. 

Embedding Twitter feed widget on the website builds social proof, authenticity, and credibility, which results in greater customer trust and reliability. 

So here we are going to take you a step ahead and delve you into one of the profound marketing tools, Twitter widget. 

What is Twitter Widget?

Twitter feed widget

In simple terms, Twitter widget is a representation of Twitter posts in a collective manner. This attractive and lively Twitter feed widget is built by pulling the tweets like hashtag posts, mentions, tagged, etc.

These Twitter posts are called Twitter feeds. You can make a widget with a particular Twitter feed or blend of Twitter feeds, like different hashtags, images, videos, etc., to make a creative, attractive, and high-end Twitter feed widget for your brand website. 

You can easily integrate Twitter feed widget on website main pages, landing pages, blogs, or create a separate section on the website where you can allow your visitors to glance over your Twitter Feeds. 

If you want to know how to collect and embed Twitter post widget on your website, keep reading the blog!

How To Embed Twitter Feed Widget On Website

Here we come to break down how to simply add a Twitter feed widget on your website with easy possible and practical ways to do so. In this regard, Twitter itself provides embedding features that allow its users to embed Twitter posts from Timeline or other individuals’ accounts on their website.

In many ways, you can display Twitter posts on your website like:

  • Twitter Embed Feature
  • Upload Twitter Post’s Screenshots
  • Twitter Widget Tools

All are the different ways that you can use to embed Twitter feed widget on your website. Here below is a brief of how to embed Twitter feeds using these three different ways. 

1. Embed Twitter Feeds Using Twitter Embed Feature

Start with selecting the Twitter posts that you want to showcase on your website. You will see the three dots on the top right corner of the Twitter post; click on it and select the Embed option from the list. 

As you click on it, an embed code will be shown to you; copy the code and login to your website admin panel. Open the webpage that you want to place the Twitter post/s in the editor section, place the copied code at the right place and save the changes you made. Tada, in a minute, your Twitter Feed will be live on your website. In a similar way, you can embed as many Twitter posts on your website.    

2. Screenshot To Display Twitter Post

The next way to display Twitter posts on a website is with the screenshot method. It is very simple, non-technical, and does not require any extra effort. Just like uploading an image on a web page, you can add a screenshot of a Twitter post on your website.  

For this, you need to take a screenshot of the Twitter post, crop the image in the way you want, and open your web page editor section. Now select the block to upload the image, select the image from your pc and upload it. Save the changes made on the web page, and your Twitter post is live on the website. 

3. Twitter Widget Tool

The drawback of the screenshot and Twitter embed feature is that you cannot create a Twitter Wall with multiple posts at the same time. You can only embed one post, which also takes up a lot of space on your webpage. However, with the Twitter widget tool, you can easily collect the number of Twitter posts to make a collective wall and display it on your website. 

With the tool, you can easily collect, curate, and customize various Twitter feeds into the attractive widget and embed them on your website. It might sound complicated, but you have not required any technical knowledge as these tools are easy and simple.   

Along with that Twitter Feed widget will help you collect the Twitter posts from hashtag campaigns, mentions, handles, tags, keywords, and various other advanced features to collect every possible Twitter post that boosts your marketing efforts. 

These tools come with a simple interface that is easy to comprehend, that anyone can use without any complications. 

Top 4 Twitter Widget Tools

Twitter widget tools are no doubt the best ways to embed Twitter feeds on your website. Twitter widget tools make the entire process of embedding Twitter feed so effective and efficient that I would recommend you to channelize your efforts on investing in these tools instead of barely embedding a single or two Twitter posts on your website.

Twitter widget tools

There are a number of Twitter widget tools available on the internet, but it is an overwhelming task to find the best Twitter widget tool from the hundreds of options available. 

Hence, here below, we have mentioned the top 5 Twitter widget tools in the market that you can choose from and create an alluring Twitter feed widget for your website.

#1 Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is popularly known as a social media aggregator, allowing anyone to create stunning and designer Twitter widgets on their website. It comes with an intelligible interface with which users can step-by-step collect, curate, customize, and embed high-end-looking Twitter feed widget on their website. 

Taggbox widget is integrated with multiple platforms, provides several features, and offers code-free functionality to its users.    

Its customization feature gives you access to a number of themes and layout designs that help you make a flaunting Twitter feed widget. 

Another praiseworthy feature of the Taggbox widget is the moderation panel through which you can easily curate collected Twitter posts and remove the ones hampering the quality of your Twitter widget. 

Moreover, add-ons like profanity filter, hashtag highlighter, custom posts, API, and various layout designs, make the Taggbox widget stand out from the other Twitter widget tools available in the market.

#2 Tintup

Tintup is marketed as the user-generated content platform, which enables marketers to collect user-generated content from multiple social media platforms.  

With the notion of the UGC platform, you can collect posts from Twitter that are created by your customers for your brand, voluntarily promoting your brand on the Twitter platform. 

Tintup helps you increase the authenticity of your website with the virtue of user-generated content displayed on your website. 


Another big player in the market when it comes to Twitter post widget tools is Promoting the smooth collection and customization of Twitter feed widget, serves the seamless integration of Twitter widget on any kind of website. 

Regardless of any sort of Twitter feed, you can collect a variety of Twitter feeds into a single Twitter wall and flawlessly display them on your website. 

With its real-time update feature, you will get the latest Twitter posts automatically on your Twitter widget even without touching the panel. 

Hence, it also comes as one of the best choices for marketers to embed Twitter widget on their website. 

#4 Hootfeed

You might have already known about the exclusive services of Hootsuite, how it helps marketers to do the best in their social media marketing efforts. 

Seeing the greater importance of the Twitter widget in marketing, Hootsuite introduced the powerful Twitter tool that allows marketers to sophisticatedly design their Twitter marketing efforts. With Hootfeed, you can effortlessly fetch the Twitter posts you like to include in your marketing campaign, along with flawless integration of Twitter feeds on your website. 

Hootfeed helps you gather up all the Twitter posts together and design them into an attractive wall that fits your website perfectly as your needs. 

Hence, it will make the entire process of the Twitter widget an exclusive one for your website. 

Benefits of using Twitter Widget

#1 Enhance Website Visual Appeal

Embedding Twitter widget on your website increases the appearance of your website with unique and vibrant Tweets. It will adorn your website the creative hashtag tweets, images, retweets, mentioned posts, reviews, latest twitter highlights, etc. 

Presenting Twitter feeds with responsive layout designs, themes, colors, etc., will add to your overall website design, increasing the visual appearance of your website. 

#2 Boost Dwell Time Of Visitors

User engagement is one of the key factors to measure the performance of your website content. The more session duration your users will have on your website, the lesser the bounce rate will be of your website. These two metrics will increase the authority of your website compared to your competitors. 

Hence, embedding a vibrant and informative widget will keep your visitors engrossed in your website, resulting in an increase in the dwelling time of your visitors.  

#3 Display Social Proof That Build Trust

Twitter is the platform where people feel free to share their opinions and creative ideas with millions of other users. Collecting and displaying this authentic and unbiased user-generated content featuring your brand or website will spread social proof with your website visitors. Showcasing user-generated content and informative Twitter feeds assist your visitors in knowing about the existing customer reviews and their experience with your brand. 

Hence, embedding Twitter feed widget showcases the social proof of your website, which in turn increases the trust of your brand with customers.  

#4 Amplify Humanized Approach 

Another user-friendly aspect that Twitter Widget solves for you is that it increases humanized content on your website. Your website visitors feel more emotionally connected with the content created by your customers on Twitter compared to the professionally created content on your website. 

Your website visitors can easily distinguish between authentic content by real people and professional content created by your brand. Hence your visitors can relate emotions with the Twitter feeds easily than other content on your website.

#5 Require Low Cost Investment

Using Twitter Feed Widget is cost-effective and does not hamper your budget at all. These come with a pricing plan that costs you only like your favorite brunch. Even if you do not require any technical expertise or someone else helps to create Twitter Widget. 

You can perform all the steps from collection to curation to customize to embed Twitter Widget on your website in just a matter of a few minutes. Hence, embedding Twitter feed widget is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to create lucrative content for your website. 

#6 Bonus – Add Multiple Social media Feeds to make the website more appealing.

Here we would like to give a shoutout to the exclusive feature from Taggbox Widget. Curating and embedding multiple social media feeds is not possible with other tools. However, with Taggbox Widget, you can easily add social media feeds from various sources into one widget, making a dynamic widget that displays social proof of your brand collectively from multiple social media channels.  


In order to offer a unique user experience on your website, adding creative visuals is always a powerful way to do so. Instead of spending tons of hours and money in creating images, infographics, and other content, why not delve into the ocean of powerful social media content like Twitter posts. 

These Twitter posts are vibrant, eye-catching, and enhance the experience of users whether available on its Twitter app or embedded on any website. 

Hence, leverage the power of Twitter feeds to grow your website and offer the best user experience at a minimal amount of investment. 

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