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How To Add Facebook Widget On WordPress Website?

You can easily add Facebook Widget on WordPress websites using a social media aggregator tool or a WordPress plugin. In this guide, we will go through the steps to add Facebook Widget on WordPress websites.

What is Facebook Widget?

Facebook Widget is the collection of Facebook feeds that are discovered and curated in a meaningful way that can be used for multiple marketing purposes. 

Businesses and brands use this Facebook Widget on websites, events, live screens, conferences etc. as a support system to showcase their products, engage with audiences, grow engagement and drive sales.

In simple terms, the collection of organized Facebook Feeds is called Facebook Widget.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management platform; in other words, it is the most powerful website builder and blogging platform.

It is very simple to use, just drag and drop to make a beautiful looking website. Anyone with no technical knowledge can use the platform to build a website from scratch to a live website. 

WordPress websites are also mobile-friendly, meaning it will automatically set the webpage according to the screen size.

As per stats, 39.5% of websites on the Internet are running on WordPress. It provides numerous plugins that can be used for additional website functionality.

How do I add a Facebook Widget to WordPress?

To add Facebook feed on WordPress websites, you’ll need a social media aggregator tool.

Social media aggregator is a tool that lets anyone collect feeds from different social media platforms into a unified editor which can later be used for different purposes. Such as Taggbox Widget.

Taggbox Widget is a tool that lets you collect, curate and embed social media feeds on websites in just a few clicks.

To add Facebook Widget on WordPress Websites follow these simple steps:

  • Create a free Taggbox Widget account.
  • Collect Facebook Feeds
  • Curate your Facebook Widget
  • Generate Facebook feed widget embed code, and paste it on your website.

Taggbox Widget facilitates some amazing features to curate contents such as:

  • Moderation – Moderation is used to filter the aggregated feeds. You can delete posts, edit posts, add CTA, Hide Posts, Highlight Posts and many more using the moderation panel.
  • Real-Time Feeds – Real-Time Feeds will automatically keep your Widget fresh with new posts. Without any click see the latest Facebook Posts on your website. You can also redirect the post to the moderation for filtering feeds.
  • Theme & Layouts – Using different themes and layouts customizes your Facebook Widget to match your website.
  • Profanity Filter – Use Profanity filter to filter out explicit contents before aggregating them.
  • Custom CSS – Use Custom CSS to make personalized designs for your Facebook feed widget.
  • Custom Posts – Custom Posts can be used to showcase your personalized content.
  • Custom Language – Change your Widget language based on the region’s local language to interact easily with your audience.

Using these and many others, you can organize a beautiful-looking Facebook Widget that can engage your website visitors.

Add Facebook Widget on WordPress website

Generate the embed code and copy it. Then follow the following instructions:

Steps to Add Facebook Feed Widget on WordPress Gutenberg Editor

  1. Open the page/post in your WordPress backend where you want to embed the Facebook feeds.
  2. Select “(+) Add Block” in the top left corner of the WordPress Editor.
  3. Here, click on Formatting and then choose Custom HTML and paste the copied embed code in the editor.
  4. Click on Publish/Update post, and You’re done.

Steps to Add Widget on WordPress Classic Editor

  1. Open the page/post in your WordPress backend where you want to embed the Facebook feeds.
  2. On the right-hand side, you will find a Visual and a Text option. Choose Text Mode.
  3. Paste the generated embed code where you want to show your Widget.
  4. Click on Update/Publish to save the changes.

You have now successfully added Facebook feed Widget on the WordPress website.

You can also ease the step to integrate the Widget on a website using WordPress plugins.

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WordPress Plugin to Add Facebook Feed Widget

WordPress Plugins adds extra functionality to websites. You can use the Facebook Widget WordPress plugin to make the integration of Facebook Feeds smooth and effortless.

Here are some of the best Facebook feed Widget for your WordPress websites:

Taggbox Widget – Taggbox Widget also offers a simple yet robust WordPress plugin to add the Facebook feed Widget on websites.

Simply collect your Facebook Feeds into the editor then curate it according to your website requirements.

Taggbox Widget has some amazing features that make it a simple yet powerful tool for integration.

Features of Taggbox Widget:

  • Moderation
  • Profanity Filter
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Posts
  • Real-Time Feeds
  • Live Preview
  • Themes & Layouts
  • Custom Language
  • Show More Button

And many more that will help you curate an amazing Facebook Widget.

Finally, use the WordPress plugin to easily integrate the Facebook Widget into your website.

TagembedTagembed is one of the same kind of WordPress plugin dedicated to making the integration process smoother for users.

Tagembed is a robust plugin that lets users aggregate, organize and embed the Facebook Widget on the WordPress website.

Just aggregate your relevant Facebook Feeds into the editor. 

Then organize the feeds to make it an appealing Facebook Widget using the following features:

  • Moderation
  • Sort & Filter
  • Real-Time Feeds
  • Themes & Layouts
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Posts
  • Custom Language

Using these and many others, you can organize an attractive and appealing Widget for your website. 

Finally, use the Tagembed WordPress Plugin to add the Facebook Widget to your WordPress website.

Flow-Flow Social – Flow-Flow Social is a wonderful WordPress plugin that lets you aggregate and display feeds on websites. 

Choose Facebook as your source of aggregating feeds, and within some seconds, your Facebook will be live on the editor.

Then use the following features to make your Facebook Widget look More Beautiful and amazing:

  • Content Moderation
  • Lightbox Galleries
  • Show More Button
  • Animations
  • Sorting and search bar

These are some of the many features that will help you bring freshness to your website.


Adding Facebook Widget on WordPress website is a really simple now. In this guide, there are different ways to embed Facebook Feeds Widget on WordPress websites.

Grab the attention of your website visitors using the attractive and appealing Facebook Widget. 

Display social proof, build trust, boost engagement, influence users to make a decision and finally drive sales for your business.

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